H3lp me improving my gameplay pls

So, atm im silver 3, Im decent I think.... If you go look up my 10 latest matches the most time i died was 8 , decent gold per game, nice kda (you'll have to go 27 games ago to see me dying 10 times ) . On the season so far i have a kda of ~ 9/5/11 ( think its kinda good ) Ways to climb out of silver? I think i got the skill needed to get out of silver but don't know how to really get out... is something missing? http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=captain+borges - my games and scores as well as my mmr and kda ( last game 16-2-15 and lost ) {{item:3070}} Fully stacked and im {{summoner:3}} of being silver
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