How do you counter Akali and Executioner's Calling as Soraka?

Just how the %%%% do you counter this woman who just jumps around and oneshots anything she pleases after getting 1 item even though she was beaten in lane like 0/4? Or is she just another champion that Rito refuses to nerf to keep those edgy and %%%%%%ed assassin mains who ruin this game happy? "errgh ban her silver nub xdddd" I can't,too busy banning thresh whose hooks I cant dodge or my adcs. "when laning against her..." I'm support I'm not laning against her. "play x champ" read the title it says "as Soraka" I'm not going to otp another champ just for that Also how do I counter {{item:3123}}? It's not fun when enemy adc just buys this 800 gold item and makes me COMPLETELY useless?
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