Few ideas how to nerf Yasuo

First I want to say I don't imagine all these nerfs at once and I know Riot probably already know what they will do with him. Just want to hear what players think. 1. Make Yasuo Ult a channel, so we can interrupt it. Make it work like Kata or Fiddle, so he won't brainless Ult everytime he can and will have to consider enemy CC. 2. Make his Wall block a given amount of dmg NOT stay for a given time until it's gone. Like it could block 600dmg, so few aa OR and ult OR a skillshot and then it break. It would make Yasuo think if he rather block a Jinx's R or her aa and not create a "safe place" for few seconds where he can run around and abouse hitboxes. 3. Make his dashes work on ammo mechanic. He won't have free escapes, gapclosers etc anymore. 4. "Last Breath (R) will attempt to position Yasuo outside the range of a nearby enemy turret if he initiates the ability on an enemy standing close to one." get rid of this. It makes Yasuo even more unfair. 5. Remove double crit and leave everything else as it is. 6. Make his passive shield charge when he uses Q rater than walking. Wouldn't it fit him more? That when he kills or dmg enemies the wind is by his side? "Death is like the wind; always by my side."? 7. Give Yasuo mana. Force him to buy {{item:3004}} to make his early actually weak and make him have his oppresive 100 crit spike later to compensate his absurdly strong late game. 8. Make his windwall only block projectiles from one direction
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