Shen (5th attempt in 2 years)

**UPDATE 2: Right now on PBE Shen has been nerfed. I'm speechless. (Q) Spirit Blade collision slow changed from 35% at all ranks to [15/20/25/30/35%] Seriously? He needs buff so hard but RIOT nerf him. Unbelievable. Do you think that this is enough!? Nope! Of course there are many other HUGE indirect nerfs! Teleport cool down increased from 300 to 360 seconds. Now you're mathematically losing turret the second time you use your ultimate.** **UPDATE 1: even if this thread about Shen is still valid is no longer relevant. The entire game is too much disgusting now. This meta is terrible and of course Shen as always confirms himself as the the king of the shit. That said don't waste time reading it. It's pointless. There's no point in fixing a weak and stupid champion like Shen when the entire game is falling down non-stop. It's 2 years that I am trying to get an aswer from RIOT about this stupid Shen but at this point I no longer care. I don't need answers from people that are just ruining the game. They're not qualified to run this game therefore they can't provide answers.** This is my 5th attempt in 2 years. Let's see if now I can finally receive a reply from RIOT. Below I am going to basically copy-pasting things I already said lot of times in other threads. It's about Shen. People who think that he's ok or even strong are free to think what they want. It's a free world but I do know that this is totally false. Therefore before we start let me clear out few things. _«He's strong, he's played in LCS or banned. Pro players carry games with Shen. He's very helpful!»_ Yes you're right but let me underline few things. First of all I don't give a damn about LCS. I don't care about what the 0.01% of players are doing or playing. I am part of the remaining 99.99% of community and I play in soloQ with 4 random strangers that have never seen me before and that most of time do not understand my intentions as Shen. Shen is great when you can play him with your team of premades but this is not my case. _«Here it comes another bronze 9 noob»_ Given that I'm perma-diamond just playing Shen support on which I have 2.000.000 mastery points (2nd in EUW, 16th in the world) I think that I can say something about this champion. I'm playing him since S3 in all roles and conditions. Most important I still consider myself far from being a good Shen main and player in general. I'm very critical of myself and in every game I play I recognize me making tons of mistakes. Now we can start. **PERFORMANCE** As top laner he's well below 50% win rate during the last 2 years. Low pick and ban rate. In 2 years of ranked I've seen him banned once and picked two times. Least gold earned (45/48 champs), lowest kills (44/48), damage dealt (48/48), minions killed (44/48). As support he's worst at all levels. Globally he's 36/39 right above Poppy, Taliyah and Galio. And the funny thing is that I find him a lot more useful as support. Can we all agree on the fact that he's nothing special? I mean these are not good numbers. Actually they're a bit depressing. **STATISTICS** When game starts I always play a mini-game where I compare my stats to the weakest champions in game. Even Tristana has more HP/AD than me and almost the same amount of AR/MR up to level 6 before first back! Okay, I must be weak since I'm a late-game champion but I'm weaker than an ADC or any other late-game champions like me. This is not okay. With time I realized that anyone have better stats then me then I moved to LoL Wiki and I compared my stats at level 18 with other randomly selected champions. I am not considering secondary stats like HP regen, movement speed and attack speed also because we already know that Shen sucks at sustain and he's as slow as a snail. I'm looking at armor, magic resist, HP, attack damage. Probably you won't believe me but it's true! All the champions listed below have better base stats than Shen up to level 18! Some of them are not even tanks or late game champions! {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:91}} Let me make it more explicit. There is no one single stat in which Shen is better. Before you say «But Shen has a shield!» don't forget that in the list there's Riven (she has bigger shields and more frequently), Malphite, Tahm, Camille and many other champions that can deny damage in more powerful ways. The list is NOT complete so there are even more champions! How is this considered normal? **SCALINGS** * Q scales with AP. Shen can't buy AP. No scalings * W doesn't scale with anything * E scales with HP decently but first you need to hit 3000+ HP * R scales with AP. Can't buy AP. No scalings Recap: 4 spells 3 of which have no scalings. I'd love to feel what other players feel when they see their spells getting stronger and stronger by purchasing items but nope. On Shen it's all plain and flat. Very unfunny. **COOLDOWNS** * Q it's ok * W has 18 seconds of CD * E has 18 seconds of CD * R has 200 seconds of CD Where do I start here? I understand that tanks have high cool downs but wtf this is depressing! Damn they are way longer than Nautilus and Leona ones! But there's something more. W has no effect against spells therefore if you happen to face a spell-based champion you feel even more bored. Now let's move to the big problem with cool downs. It doesn't matter where you play Shen. It could be top, sup or jungler. It doesn't matter if you rush 45% CDR or stay with 0% or who's your opponent. The result is always a failing logic. I successfully engage my opponent with my E (the only engage, dash, gap closer and escape I have). My opponent can **ALWAYS** use his/her escape more frequently than me. Let me give you few examples. * Taunt Fizz > He jumps > I chase > He jumps again > E is still on CD * Taunt Rakan > He jumps > I chase > He jumps > I keep chasing > He jumps > E is now ready for use * Taunt Shaco > Clones > Clones > Clones > Clones... My E is still loading * Taunt Camille > She jumps miles away > Enough? Nope, she jumps again > E is still loading Basically I learn the hard way that as a Shen it's totally pointless to even trade. The backfire you get from successfully ladning E and using all your spells properly is crystal clear. This is the most ridiculous thing about Shen. It becomes immensely clear when you try to play him support. For one moment let's forget that he's an out for meta in this role and just focus on facts. Enemy support or ADC or both of them fail an engage / trade. I immediately take advantage of this opportunity since they have spells on CD and taunt them both. Then shields, heals, low CD escapes, jumps and ton-shit damage happend and you find your self turning back with the tail between the legs and less HP than your opponent. In the end a successfull and legit engage turns against you because you haven't cool downs that make sense, damage, heals and shieds to get your advantage because others have better numbers. Long story short Shen hasn't the numbers to trade anyone even when enemies make a bad move. On the contrary when make a bad move you are %%%%ed and immediately pay the price of you failure. **ITEMS** Here is the build of 99% of Shens: {{item:3068}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} Can you change it? Nah. Can you try something different? Nah, it's not worth. Better stick with the same build. You can't enjoy different item paths like others do. What about these items? {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3107}} Woah they are so powerful but I am Shen. I can't buy any of them. They all give me tons of mana and/or manage regen. I am an energy based champion so I'm taking too much risks and waste too much gold if I buy them. Same thing happens with several runes that give MP/MP regen. As you can clearly my options as a Shen are very limited in both items and runes. **ADAPTIVE RUNES MY A**** The story of adaptive AD/AP bonus must end. It can work on Riven, Tryndamere, Syndra but not on Shen. On paper I have AP scalings. I know that I can't go for an AP build but at least can I freely choose to get AP bonus instead of AD? Damn! I can't do anything with this inflexible champion! With the old rune system I get used to go for AP runes to be more aggressive or provide a bigger shields but now I just can't and I must live with AD bonus that makes absolutely no difference. **KEYSTONE RUNE NOT FOUND** The runes that are viable on Shen are the following: * Press the attack to play aggressive, squishy and super risky * Hail of Blades to play aggressive and risky * Grasp of the Undying only top and for late * Aftershock only for sup * Glacial Agument only for sup It may seem a wide selection but it's not. Let's face it. None of these ketstone runes are perfect on Shen. They're just viable. Let me explain. I won't even comment Press the attack (it's just crazy). Hail of Blades is not so exceptional. There no one single champion in LoL that benefits from this rune same goes for Shen. Grasp of Undying. Ranged opponent? Can't use it. Opponent that outdamages and outrades you? Can't use it. It's already over here since top lane is all about this kind of champions. You can't stack it. End of the story. Aftershock is terrible. It gives you a AR and MR for 2.5 seconds as soon as you taunt your opponent. Seems cool right? Nope! It sucks. When you E an opponent you taunt them for 1.5 seconds. When an opponent is taunted he doesn't deal damage at all or can only make one auto. 2.5 seconds of Aftershock minus 1.5 seconds = 1 second of bonus AR and MR. Really? Glacial Agument is viable but weak. Let me ask you what keystone should I use. There's nothing that can be defined "good" for Shen. **THE GAME CHANGING ULTIMATE - THEY SAY** At level 1 the R gives 175 shield every 200 seconds. A Janna provides bigger shields every 16 seconds plus bonus attack damage. Okay, I understand that I move to my ally but the point is that in early/mid game most of times my ultimate doesn't even manage to complete the channeling because my target dies. Anyone can pulverize such a small shield with an auto or spell. Seriously, when I play ranked the target of my ultimate at level 1 probably dies 90% of times. When the ultimate is level 2 I probably get 50% success chance. Disgusting. «The game changing ultimate» that doesn't change anything. With a lot of luck when you complete the ultimate and manage to get a kill or assists most of the times the outcome it's not so good as you expect. Your top turret is probably already down or with low HP, your opponent is outfarming you. At this point he can freely decide to roam since you'll need weeks to get his turret alone or bully you even more. Then we have Taric that makes everyone invulnerable, Soraka heals like a beast, Lulu denies kills instantly by pressing R, Kindred makes all invincible but Shen must stay with this shitty shield! In my opinion **Shen ultimate should give invulnerability to his target same as Taric** and it would be perfectly balanced. I mean Taric can render an entire team invulnerable for 2.5 seconds every 160/130/100 seconds. Why I can't do the same on one ally every 200/180/160 seconds? I'll never understand how this game is designed. Very frequenly I'm afraid to use my ultimate since the outcome is horrible even when I successfully get assists or kills. The ultimates of all champions must give you a clear advantage but the outcome of the R of Shen can punish you severely even if you used it in the right place at the right time. If you want to use it aggressively most of the times you passively lose the game since your E, the only engage you have, has an huge cool down, is a skill shot and the hitbox is as small as a coin. Even if you land it successfully your target can flash, jump, hit a plant, be saved by allies, grab a lantern, I can be stunned, slowed bla bla bla. Long story short 20+ ways to escape against your not so fabulous engage. In the meantime my opponent in top lane is free farmin or roaming and my turret is down. Personaly I am starting to consider my ultimate as an handicap in early/mid game. **LANING PHASE** Shen relies on farming under turret since he's outraded, outdamaged and outfarmed by anyone in top lane. Too bad that few patches ago RIOT decided to nerf damage from his Q. Now it's impossible to lasthit till level 9 since your damage is too low to successfully kill a minion that has been hit by your turret. In the same time since your attack speed is slow as fu*k you can't even try to land two autos between turrets hits. Shen has never been good at faming also because he's required to leave his lane in order to help others with his risky ultimate and now it's even worse. We can all see what I am describing from websites like Gold earned 45/48, minions killed 44/48. When I play Shen top I feel like I've literally no canches to play the laning phase. All other champs can initiate trades as soon as they have spells up and feel that it's worth. Shen simply can't since when you Q/W/E you have to wait 18 seconds for cool downs. Enemies can freely poke and harass non-stop since the cool downs of any top laner are lower than Shen ones. I mean a Renekton, Riven or even Nautilus doesn't have to wait 18 seconds for cool downs therefore they can trade you two times while you can defend only once given that you still have to deal with your W that is super-weak in lane. **MECHANICS** It has been said already multiple times by other Shen mains. His mechanics are clunky and the way his Q/W/E work is super predictable. I mean there's even an arrow constantly pointing to my blade so that everyone can see where it is. Why don't we have the same arrow on the things throwed by Maokai, Teemo mushrooms and Azir soldiers hidden in bushes? My opponent should pay attention to my blade and not have such an easy life. Moreover when Shen makes a mistake (e.g. he misses his E) he's punished too much harshly. **JUST NERFS** Since rework Shen has been nerfed non-stop directly and indirectly. When I say indirectly I mean nerfs on his core items or runes. Let me make an example. Maybe only some of you can remember the nerf on Sunfire Cape more than 1 year ago. This item was the only source of damage and way to push the lane for Shen. One day Tryndamere players started to use Sunfire Cape and they were beasts at pushing therefore RIOT nerfed this item. This story always repeats with Shen. From time to time a core item of his build is nerfed because other champions are abusing them. I am very tired of this. It's more than 2 years that I have to accept nerfs because of LCS, other champions abusing mechanics, items and runes. Do you know how many buffs Shen has received? 1) When you use R you appear between your ally and opponent 2) Scalings on cooldowns for the ultimate ~~3) MR scalings~~ nope! Deprecated That's it. Since S4 I can only name these 2 bland buffs. I am pretty sure that both buffs come from season 4... 4 years ago! And now in 8.11 patch we have another indirect nerf! Banner of command no longer gives 10% CDR and now my item pool is even worse. **SHEN - THE EYE OF BOREDOM** Shen is the master of boredom. No scalings, one build, longest cooldowns of the game, can't buy certain items that are great but give mana, cluncky mechanics, late game champion (wait for him!), easily zoned, low CS, can't push, unable to get 1st tier turret before minute 170. Oh and you are an utility champion so you have to make plays for others. If you think about it not so rewarding. Playing him is painful, he's inflexible and he counters no one. But there's more! Actually he can engage, tank, split push, duel BUT the problem is that he's **TERRIBLE** in all these things. As a Shen player I feel like Messi playing the WWE Royal Rumble. All my efforts, experience and map awareness are worthless against all these huge guys full of steroids with zero IQ and no knowledge. It's like I'm playing the wrong sport. Just think about it... {{champion:98}} VS {{champion:31}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:157}} Ignorance always wins. **THE NEW SKIN** I simply don't care. He needs to be playable before we can start with sexy outfits and makeup. **A LETTER TO CASUAL-SHEN PLAYERS** I am repeating all the things I wrote here from more than 2 years. With time I've seen plenty of similar threads written by other Shen mains. We've been all ridiculed and downvoted for years by people that have probably picked him less then 10 times in their lives. We've been told that Shen was strong because they've seen him picked in LCS by a team of premades that can make a perfect use of the R. Like I have already said we are normal people playing Shen in soloQ with 4 random strangers. It's a totally different story but no one cared. End of the story. Now this thread is receiving a lot of upvotes. Lot of players add me to tell me that it's true. On a daily basis I see threads about "Shen buff pls", "Miss the old Shen", "Shen too weak", "Shen low stats". We Shen mains are saying this from years and now all people are magically supporting us... What happened? Why did they changed their mind? I know the answer. It's because of the new skin. People started to play Shen just to show off their new skin and now that they're noticing that he sucks. Oh really? Don't tell me! No offense but I hate you all. **A LETTER TO SOME SHEN MAINS** In the same exact way I hate also some popular and famous Shen main. The ones that post videos on YouTube where they stomp enemies with crazy build on Shen... with smurfs... against lower ELO players... while they're ranked diamond+... Why have you stopped playing Shen on your main account? Why are you all creating smurfs? Uh? **A LETTER TO WHO THINK THAT I SUCK** From time to time someone adds me to friend list just to link me the profile of a supposed-to-be high-ELO Shen main. They want to demonstrate me that the problem it's me and that I suck. **Yes, I SUCK, I agree with you!** My stats are bad, my match history is horrible, my MMR is falling down because I'm still **PLAYING** Shen in my damned ELO with all the limitations he has. On the contrary the high-ELO Shen mains they link me are not even picking Shen anymore! All they have are good KDA stats and win rate for 10-20 ranked they playerd more than 5 months ago. And now they're playing other champs. This is not a main, this is a meta-sheep and not someone like me with 200+ ranked games (98% of games) just as Shen support in diamond! I had **58% win rate** before the last nerf on Q and support items and now I'm at **52%** because I'm just losing.

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