Revert the Rengar rework, please!

Let's give some reason why you think reworked rengar is "unfun" and deserve a revert? * /r/Rengarmains
When the rework just announced I was the very disappointed and thought about quiting rengar. But after playing him for a month, I changed my views...
Hello, Apparently there has been a survey going around on US-servers where Riot asks about the Rengar rework and if you agree with him being better then before the rework. The people over at Reddit/Rengarmains have already put some nice comments in the thread linked below I think it's pretty clear the majority of players think Rengar's rework failed, even the Rengarmains (I am one) The oneshotting is still there. Play him as a bruiser and he's nearly unkillable. He feels clunky to play. He is just no longer really fun.. there is no more thrill when you're on a hunt. The reason I still play him is to gain some elo while it's free and the nerf to his bonetooth sure won't hurt him as much as you'd think. **But what do _you_ think of Rengar's rework?** Is he in a better state than before, should his rework be reverted or should he get a whole other rework?
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