How do you play against Nasus ?

Hello ! I'm a top lane (Singed mostly) main in silver 1 trying to climb the ladder. Not having the hardest of times to be honest, but i'm clearly not a diamond player who ended up here, i'm learning. I don't create this thread for QQ purposes, but for advice. Since i started playing ranked, there is one matchup i almost always loose : Nasus (when he is decently played). I don't get destroyed in lane of course, but i never manage to delay his Q stacking enough and he ends up stacked like a monster. I can do fairly well with renek or olaf against him, but there must be a way to beat him other than picking against him :D My go-to top laners are Singed and Sion and with both these guys i cannot figure out how to put him down : he just laughs at poke/poison, doesn't care about such petty things as all in because i'm not riven, and if i really wanna fight to death he just withers me and runs away. And his lifesteal allows him to stay here forever. I know i'm doing this matchup wrong but what can i do ? Are ganks the only way to get him ? PLS halp me Q.Q

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