How Riot is slowly choking the life out of their game.

I like change. I'm always excited (sometimes a little scared) when reworks are announced, I was hyped for Taliyah and Illaoi, new champions with new mechanics to learn. But how much change is too much? Right now, it feels like every patch something breaks (Devourer comes to mind, tank Ekko, Rageblade Jax,...). And by the time that's fixed Riot throws a massive change at it in the next patch and the cycle continues. Something else breaks, it takes ages to fix. Something else breaks, it takes ages to fix... It feels like in their valiant effort to keep the game fresh and exciting, they're trying too hard to do so. I can't be assed to learn how to play around _completely_ new things every two weeks, not to mention deal with the balance issues that come with them. Regrowth Pendant was core on Jarvan, why'd it get removed? What about Force of Nature? Was there ever a proper explanation? What about Wriggle's Lantern? Why was Feral Flare implemented into the live game? What's with the %health (true) damage lately? How come champions like Zed and Kassadin are allowed to be 100% pick/ban for so long? The game isn't simple on its own, the surprisingly shifty "balance" does not help. It seems items are being added and removed semi-randomly, I look at the retired item list and I'm only left wonder why they were removed. Why weren't they just left in? A simple thing like Regrowth could drastically change the way _everyone_ plays the game. So _why remove it_? The path Riot seems to like taking is one of diverse and varied gameplay, on paper that might seem great. But in practise, there simply isn't enough time for a patch to "settle in". By the time people get used to one patch, the next one is well on its way. And the inconsistent, seemingly illogical balance philosophy makes me fear every patch notes. The next patch may nerf the shit out of my dude Nautilus, making him unplayable. It may buff him making him the conductor of the freelo train. Neither are necessary, Nautilus is a great champion as he is right now. But it feels like at any point, he may be changed around for the sake of "New and exciting." Kinda like an experiment, "What happens when I do this?" No game lasts forever, but LoL is in its prime. This is where it matters, this is Riot's chance to pull more players or to lose more players. But right now, it feels like at any point in time I could lose my favorite champion for no apparent reason. And that's alienating me and thousands of others. I'm sure League of Legends can pull back from this, I might even come back to it eventually. Been playing since season 1, hard to stay away from a game you've played that long. But right now, I feel I can't trust Riot not to disappoint me time and time again.
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