League needs to be both Solo and Premade Friendly

I can feel this Dynamic Q system pushing me away from League. I have always enjoyed playing Solo when I have the time avaliable to do it. (Non of my friends are online when I usually play). However League recently has been so based around premades, its rediculous. I really feel like Riot are trying to push dedicated players out of their game. Dynamic Q is great for teams, I understand that but its having a REAL effect on Solo Q players. Who are they supposed to vent their frustrations at. That Premade doesn't give a s**t that they are winning the game through an unfair advantage, as long as they get their IP bonus, they will continue to not care. Its typical of the human race, to turn a blind eye to the suffering of a minority if the majority prefers it. In League, Solo players ARE that minority and I do really feel that we are being victimized because WE CHOOSE to play alone. I am not interested in making new friends on this game, I do not hang around the game long enough to make friends. I understand how you make friends in MMO's because you come together every day to do content however, I cannot understand why Riot are trying to make League so social based. League never needed a "clan" system, its a nice feature but it just was not needed to the other thousands of improvements that Riot needed to make from last season to this current one. Riot need to understand that ALL their players are important and deserve EQUAL treatment when it comes to how they choose to play their game.
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