Hello guys, friendly reformed player here. Now i was in ranked minding my own business when i one fateful day got put against a T R Y D A M E R E {{champion:23}} top, at first i thought i would be fine with popping his ultimate and then waiting. BUT NO. This "Champion" can infinitely sustain in lane, stop you from running, get crit-chance from farming, take towers in a matter of 10-20 seconds, dash out of all my combos, make himself invincible, can be tanky as hell just by levelling (health per level) AND he has next to no counterplay (except Teemo {{champion:17}} but that's for another post) And this is my reminder to Riot and all those idiots out there who think that damage makes a character broken, no, it doesn't, a lack of counterplay does and while riot is busy nerfing Rengar {{champion:107}} and all the bronze players are banning Yasuo {{champion:157}} so i'm reminding you who the real broken champion of league is. Azir. P.S Riot please buff Azir {{champion:268}} already it's been almost 2 seasons come on. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Don't flame me for making sense like people on the boards usually do because you're all white knights who cant except that there are champions that need fixed and that Riot DO make mistakes with their champion design. Oh and did i mention he can stop you from leaving lane with the eminent threat of him getting to your inhibitor at 14 minutes.
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