Suggestion about Mordekaizer and Shyvanna

Hello Riot, So I have 2 points I'd like you to take a closer look into. First thing is Mordekaizer rework. Since the rework made him to a kind of troll pick bottom lane (worst in every other roles), I was wondering if any chances you would make him a viable solo laner again, like we was pre-rework. Question of numbers, it is not a big amount of work, couple changes so it does not only rely on his 3rd Q auto. Simply port his dmg from Q to E and balance back the other spells (And remove the solo XP mechanix). On the same level, I know that spell vamp might include a balance issue onto the game, but it would be a good thing for champions like mordekaizer because of the fact his spells cost hp and he have no way of sustain this losses. Second thing is Shyvanna rework. The rework is not really a buff nor a nerf, the biggest imporve I was looking for for all theses years is to make her ultimate inunterruptable (which I feel like for an ult should've been from the start). The downside of this rework is the fact her burnout does not **_burn_** the ground in dragon form anymore. I feel like this does not make sense since it is called a **_burnout_** and this effect was not really something making her stronger it just _**feels **_ better. An other smaller thing is her E stops at the first champion hit also doesn't _**feel right**_. For the rest keep up the good work. Sincerely, A humble summoner.
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