How to get out of bronze/Silver TIPS

I decided to Write a Detailed walktrough on how to get yourself out of Bronze and Silver also tips that may help any ELO. This Thread includes very Useful advice on More Advanced Subjects like Baron, and Tips on How to improve yourself with the basics of Laning on each lane, also you will find a section on how to Lead a Team that lacks any Teamwork at all. This Thread is constantly updating with New Sections, But for starters Practice a Bit of aram, might sound funny.. But think of it like this.. Bronze/Silver is all about Grouping up and 5vs5.. if you know how to Land a Malphite Ult in a 5 on 5... its Good bye Low Elo. Champions that Smash Aram.. Also Smash Low elo, because they always are grouped up or out of position. Furthermore, Dodge Skillshots and Try to Not die for a very long time in aram.. This will help you avoid Morgana stuns in laning fase etc. Now that you know how to use your Ult.. You basically don&#039;t need much more then Good position and a ULT.. like malphite - Cassio - Ammu, you can easily carry a Team fight and Knock down the Towers. ‹—«‹—«‹—« **Upcoming Sections Coming soon** Toxic Section MID section Jungler Section ‹—«‹—«‹—« **Update on new SECTIONS Completed** I constantly Update This Thread with New Information and details be sure to Check it out. Currently New Baron Section - ADC section - TOP Lane Section - Team wont Listen to Shot Caller Section - also Includes ''Team Types'' ‹—«‹—«‹—« The other Option requiring a little more skills is Picking Snowball champions, this option works because the Enemy will never Figure how to destroy your base &#039;&#039;we will discuss this later on&#039;&#039;, they kill everyone but never push inhib.. instead do dragon over and over beyond 5 times. So taking a Champion that is Unkillable at Max build is probably smart.. Because at Bronze/Silver, They will give you all Opportunity to go Late game &#039;&#039;focus on late/ or teamfights&#039;&#039;, even if you fall behind, So don&#039;t worry if all your lanes are losing, Games never ends after even 50 kills, they might have a Gold lead, but soon everyone is maxed out on 6 items, they will allow you to get there in Bronze/Silver. ‹—«‹—«‹—« **Basic Builds advise** Learn What to BUILD, No point Earning Gold, if you Didn&#039;t bother googling a Good Build or even Properly choosing items based on the damage you are receiving or Doing.. Learn your Champion and Learn its Items, this alone could improve your gaming to new levels. ''Warning if you are receiving Full magic damage then atleast build magic resist, dont just Zombie Follow online Builds and Get Armor..., Online Builds are to give you a general idea about how to create items and not a counter to all match ups, example fighting 5 magic damage dealers, but following a guide and getting Full armor is going to get you killed, So always make sure The items are useful, General Rule for that is, Check Which Champions do what type of damage, In some games you need a Quick sash or Zhonya, in others maybe not, because you might be safe behind good tanks, So items also depend on your enemies actions'' '' this is a Good point by Serika Zero (EUW), i added second warning label for google builds.'' ‹—«‹—«‹—« **Warding and Laning** Play like you are paranoid early game, Place your Free Wards in the River or at places they might come from, And DOn&#039;t Push Near Enemy Tower, also Only Last Hit Minions, If you Kill minions to Fast it will force you to farm near the enemy.. But if you last hit, the Wave wont Push all the way near the enemy tower, as Result Now you can Farm safer around the Center of the lane or even Just infront of your tower.. So learn to Last hit To save your life and earn more GOLD.. &#039;&#039;Note do not farm under the tower, it will steal CS, unless its against Someone heavily countering you&#039;&#039; Always get Flash and, If you see the Jungler Running at you.. USE THAT FLASH.. IF you listened to the point above, u will land near your tower and escape, Again Do not Push Near Enemy Tower Early in the game or stand near it, The Minions and The tower have vision on you &#039;&#039;everyone can see you standing alone far away on their minimap&#039;&#039; <-- you are a Easy kill now for the jungler.. Staying or farming near your Tower will also Increase the chances that a jungler will make a Failed attempt to tower dive you = free kills. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Rule of Wards** IF you die and you Placed 0 Wards, it is definitly your fault, if you Die and you are Near the Enemy Tower and Got ganked.. it is also your fault. in those cases No Doubt you need Wards To push Deep into your lane, or make risky moves. So Remember This fact, If you placed wards, but Couldn&#039;t avoid it.. its not your fault.. 0 Wards always your fault. Simple Rule. SUPPORT CANNOT WARD TOP LANE OR MID LANE, Do it to Survive atleast use your Free Wards. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **CS is central to Gaming** Next point..Learn to Farm, if you can Last hit and get 120 cs, at around 20 minutes, you probably have earned Highest income ingame.. despite not killing anything, Now in a Bronze/Silver game you will have naturally kills for no practical reason, So Kills+Decent Farm = Fed = higher chance to win. Disclaimer &#039;&#039;Do not farm all Day, towers wont knock themselves out&#039;&#039; Statistics clearly show that as the Ranks increase the Average CS a Player earns increases as well. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Wasting Time** IMportant POINT = Do not Chase enemy deep into the ENEMY JUNGLE.. yes They can see you on their Mini-map, now you are in their ZONE of control.. Instead of him you will die.. if its a Short chase its okay.. If it drags out.. Run its a Trap. Very Important Concept of this game is to Take Safe Kills, and slowly build up your score, Lets say you already got 1 kill and are half HP, Don't go diving next guy, just because you have a 40% chance of killing him.. Its better to back, if the odds are not high enough, Try to take kills that have High odds and leave Kills that have lower odds of you getting it and also surviving.. Dying all the time while killing is not optimal. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Sleeping in the Bush** Another Point, Do not sit 10 minutes in a Bush doing nothing.. you will fall behind levels and Gold, eventually become a Free kill. Keep being active, Level up and Get Gold and keep farming at every opportunity, except when there is team fights or Objectives like towers. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **A few Tips** If you play support, Choose a Support that has a Ult to Lock down a whole team. The Whole idea, about Low elo, is You stun them and you win. They will rarely Dodge and Rarely ever Not be caught out of position, if you place wards, you can always find them walking around alone. Wait for the Enemy Team around Bushes, near Rivers or in the Enemy Team Jungle with Atleast 2 other people. Ping them to wait for a enemy.. You will easily get Ganks like that or if they wont listen, Its very easy to convince your team to go All mid.. Its also Very predictable that the enemy will group up also. So Build your Play style around wiping them in Team fights then pushing Inhibitor towers. That means Choosing Champions with Nice Team fight ULTS. One more Tip, If you see that all your team is losing its lane, Then immediatly Group up Mid, Try to Catch 2/3 of them out of position and make it 3vs5, The enemy Team might not be As Good in Teamfights as they were in Solo fights, so Switch the dynamics, if its not in your favor, changing pattern might be better option, Furthermore, Target all Stuns on the Enemy Snowball Champion, if you have exhaust use it on him also, Try to Gank him while hes away from his team aswell, if possible. Another point, if you are support, Forcing Silver/bronzes, to dance around Midlane near towers, will actually make them Fall behind, wasting time with you, as you hang around doing your &#039;&#039;support thing&#039;&#039; you don&#039;t really farm CS so make them not farm either. This Tactic works great against snowball champions, atleast Early on, to prevent them from ganking or Laning, basically making them dance, while Your team naturally gets time to get back in the game. THis tactic works exceptionally well in Low elo, as They mostly never Know what to do after killing or Getting Ahead. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **The Game Focus** most important advise, &#039;&#039;DISCLAIMER, Im a sorry if i do use CAPS here&#039;&#039; Priorities, DO NOT DO DRAGON AFTER 20 minutes&#039;&#039;unless you have no other objectives&#039;&#039;, DO NOT DO DRAGON AFTER MAKING PENTA KILL DO NOT DO BARON, IF 4 enemies are alive and you Know they will jump you. Your only Priority is to get Nexus Towers then Nexus.. Do not waste time, hitting outer towers, WHEN YOU ALREADY DESTROYED 1 INHIB Tower + INHIB. Move straight to Nexus Tower if Possible. Nexus > Nexus Tower > Inhib > Inhib towers > Inner towers Simply END a Game when you can end a Game, and Force your team to do so also,This Rule alone will carry you out of bronze in no time. IF you can&#039;t close a winning game, then you should clearly know why you are in that Division. Majority of LOW ELO Players cannot win a Game even when they are FAAR AHEAD. Your Team doesn&#039;t need to listen to you.. to win.. Most cases you need to know what to do yourself and LEAD BY EXAMPLE. By closing a Game after little Team fights, you know that your chances of winning are higher. but if you Waste time, it means that more mistakes will happen AKA More chance to lose. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Overkilling** Many Players Say &#039;&#039; I have 30-3-10, my score is so Great, why am i losing, rest are feeders etc etc&#039;&#039; .. well because You took so long to end the game. You took so long That the ENEMY EVENED The GOld lead out, your items/Kill advantage dropped and now you lose. IF YOU USE that 30/3/10 advantage to take Inhibitors and Push for nexus, it might be Different story. Dear mister Killer, Stop killing Ziggs over and over on your Fiora Champion...because after killing the same person for more then 4 times, their Gold value is equal to 2 minions, So All your wonderful Score of 30 kills may actually be 16 kills worth 300 or likely less .. And the rest are all worth 2 minion kills = 50/70 gold.. Meanwhile the Enemy is getting 300 Gold kills + Shutdown Gold + Minion waves.. Do you now understand why they catch up... Stop chasing that 70 Gold Worth Ziggs trough the whole map for 2 minutes, While the Enemy ADC farms all botlane making more then 600 gold. Yes you are Tilting and you will soon be Brought down to their level in GOLD. Why do we need CS/Minion kills ?? because its value gets more as the Game progresses... Yes minions Value is constant and increases so do Objectives. So 10 Kills + 300 Farm > 30kills and 10 Farm Those 10 Kills will likely be closer to Max Value, And that Farm will certainly have its Gold Base Gold value. first few kills will be worth around 20cs to 15.. Later kills will drop to 5 cs or even less. To make matters worst your level Gap will also dissappear ‹—«‹—«‹—« **Focus to Win** My Team feeds almost on everygame, still winning is relatively Positive despite Losing ALL LANES.. because its about Winning a Team fight and THEN knowing what to do.. Most cases The Enemy will Not know what to do. Forexample, I have seen a Master YI&#039;s Killing everything on the map.. BUT NEVER Destroying a Tower or inhib.. This is not carrying... Carrying means KIlling+Objectives .. You leading your team to Focus on OBjectives is also BIg time carrying. SO DON&#039;T tell me your Good because you WON your lane.. This game is not about 1 Lane.. its about the NEXUS, How many Attempts did you make to get closer to it ? So League is a Game about Taking a Few Fights/Ganks and Turning it into Progress TOWARDS the NEXUS.. THE DRAGON/BARON are not a Nexus.. Do not do them, if you can take a Inhibitor easily. Dragon is good early/mid game for that extra gold and buffs, But they are not better then Inhibitor tower. Baron is Handy, if you think that making that last push is difficult <-- thats the reason Baron was created.. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Shot Calling** Now imagine your Team can easily kill the Enemy Team.. Then KILL IT don&#039;t delay.. Now whats next ??? this is biggest problem of bronze/Silver maybe even higher elo&#039;s.. IF you are a the Tank tell your team to follow you.. and Then you TANK THE Tower, Dont wait 30 minutes for waves, Just tank and take it with a 3 man or with a GOod ADC, but If there is a minion Wave nearby on another lane pushing up go there, and Push with it.. if you are ADC, TELL the team to CHARGE the tower and pack yourself with damage and destroy it IF you are a support tell them you will heal them tru the damage. In short tell them to do it quickly.. that is the number 1 way to win a game.. Do not Waste time. DO Not Teleport back, when you can take a Inhibitor/Nexus/NexusTower/InnerTower etc Take it even make a suicide for it, die 5 times to get a Inhibitor doesn&#039;t matter.. because next team fight?? You will KILL Them and Go for nexus make progress on the map after each fight.. Dragon/Baron <-- equal buffs/Gold not actual progress. You have 5 dragons and 2 barons, but zero Towers destroyed.. meanwhile the enemy Destroyed 3 inhibitors.. who do you think is progressing ? When do you do Dragon and Baron ? It is to Get ahead in Gold to win Easier Team fights, Or to Push a Inner Tower during a Siege, Lets say you have trouble Destroying a Tower, because of their defense.. Baron helps. Lets say you already have a Massive GOLD LEAD.. THEN Don&#039;t do dragon instead Go straight for inhibitor. Lets say you already are stomping them, and Killing them all easily, and can take the Inhibitor/nexus tower easily..THEN ABSOLUTELY DO NOT baron.. GO for the Tower. Majority of my Games have ended in the Enemy Team surrendering, because of the Quick progress made on the map. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **Kill Snowball Champ** Place wards at all stages of the game early/mid/late, yes Wards are actually useful, if you place wards in the proper places, You can spot a Baron/Dragon attempt &#039;&#039;they always go for it&#039;&#039; You can spot someone out of position on his own, What if its the Enemy Snowball champion Jungling alone or doing dragon = Game Winning Gank on him. In those cases always make sure you gank with 2/3 man and have a Ult that STUNS so you can make up for your own lack of skill or team lack of skill,Pick Exhaust to further Tear that Pro-player to your teams level. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **BARON section** ''Yes he is worth an entire Section of his own'' This Monster, called Baron makes me very afraid, it has the power to really turn a game into victory or a MAJOR TROW. I added this new Section to go into Detail about this Most dangerous Boss. Baron is very Important If the enemy takes the Baron, this means 8 minutes of Pain, Longer Games and 50% increased Trow Chances, besides being purely annoying. **Why Do Baron attemps fail and end up in a Trows,** -1, you started the baron without knowing the enemy location, They are not Botlane and you have no wards. -2. Your team is too low level ''Making it Risky'', you can try a Early Baron, if you are absolutely Sure that enemy Will allow you to take your time with it. -3. Your team comp is built up of 5 leona's with the combined damage of only 3 minions, do not Do baron, if you see that your team is already lacking in firepower, -4. Too many Enemy Wards near Baron -5. You did not Zone the Baron area.. All 5 members are inside the pit, With Very little vision of The jungle behind it or the areas leading up to baron.. sometimes even the river itself has no vision while they attempt it.. ''Trow ALERT'' -6. not Dodging Baron attacks.. some are Dodgeable ''it has a Green Animation before he does it'' because that Knock up could cost you a Lifesteal moment for the tank etc etc. -7. NOT SMITING BARON, He is absolutely Worth all your Summoners including even a ULTI, if you have to. do not give him to the enemy team easily. **How To do Better Baron Attempts.** 1- Baron Hits the closest Target, Inshort Let the tanks go and Tank it, a Vayne certainly does not need to tumble infront of Baron and take 50% damage from his autoattacks. 2- Ward Areas around and Entrance to enemy Jungle, Early detection of Enemy movement can Prevent your team from being a Quadra Killed or even Allow you to secure the baron + even Kills. 3- If your Team is very Strong and has Good damage+ Beefy Tank Then leave them do it and you Zone the areas around Baron, and Patrol it or Hide in Bush Behind Baron Pit to Stop a Possible Baron steal etc, Patrol the area and make sure that no steal will help, incase someone does try to Steal it, slow him down buy time. 4- A Good guide line for Baron attempts is testing Dragons, if you can't shoot it down Fast, and the Dragon feels like a Baron attempt, then your certainly not ready, if the Dragon Dies fast by 2 members, Before the enemy team can even arrive. you might be able to do it. So always keep track of your teams Dragon Progress, if its Decently Fast, you might be Ready for baron. 5. your ultimates even 2 of them is worth less then securing a Baron, dont only blame the Jungler, if you fear he wont smite, be ready to do all your damage, because Blaming the Jungler, While Lux and others do not use their Ult to secure it is pointless, If you already know the Jungler wont do it, don't rely on the smite. 6. do Baron's While the minion waves are pushing towards your enemy. 7. Do baron When atleast 2 or even better 3 are dead. yes 3 dead Champions means a Easier baron. 8. Rotating to Baron quickly after a Kills can mean a World of difference, Many times Your Enemy, will fear they might be getting ganked, instead of suspecting a baron. 9. Start the Baron when your reliable Damage dealers are there, 10. Stop baron attempt if he is at 50% and the Enemy already arrived. 11. Some Champions Can Destroy you, If you are all clumped together, ''Fiddlesticks, kennen'' be extra careful of AOE Ulti Champions, Baron attempts are their moment to Shine.. Incase they don't have any.. its safer . Securing a Really Fast baron, and Pushing Down Towers is really important and Central focus of the game in all Elo's, It can help win Unwinnable games and close it solidly. Your Baron timings are One of the most important aspects of the game, In the Next Baron UpDate, i will Add the Needed Average CS and Kills + Level Range that might indicate a Easier Baron attempt. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **TEAM Wont Listen to SHOTCALLER** Making a good team Work Together is called synergy, its not really teamwork, since it works so naturally. Making a Bad team work together is the real concept of TeamWork and what it really is about. Hoping for teams with Perfect Synergies, is like Gambling, with a Roulete table voting against you. You need to understand that a Team is naturally Choatic, Here are Some Basic Points, 1- Make up for what your team lacks, if all are Stuck Hanging around mid, then you split push, Your team Naturally Does somethings, its Most likely endless roaming or Endless Grouping. **Concept 1 Endless Roamers** : are Players that never have discovered what a Tower is, They Behave like Christopher Columbus on His Way to Discover the NA Servers, And they are endless busy discovering new Kills all over the little map, maybe discovering the same kill twice **Concept 2 Endless Groupers** : are players that behave like a Solid 4 piece atom, They never Physically Split in fear that it, might cause a Nuclear reaction, always remain fixed near your tower or any location as a 4 man unit, they never Split push, and in most cases never leave the safety of their Side of the map, Their objective is to stay near their Mid Tower, Till Some enemy forces them to Go top to stop the Splitpushing Criminal, ofcourse Now they must all Go back mid again after Trying to stop his push, They Generally have mistaken notion that Clumping together At the center or Top together and doing nothing, is some form of Great teamwork. **Endless Roaming Team** If its Endless Roaming, Then Ward Areas where the snowball champ might be, Then Tell them to Gank together him Focus on Ganking their Best players and use their Endless Roaming to Focus the enemy best Players Use words like lets Kill the champion near Tower,... Why use words like kill ?? its the endlessly roaming team its all about Ganking Or riven wont come and help lol... If you push tower.. tell them lets Kill enemy team near the tower Ping Target Near Tower then take the Tower.. Don't Ping the tower, they Hate objectives, Make it about kills.. Someone moving near a Inhib.. Ping Champion walking next to it.. not the Inhib.. Then take the tower/Inhib.. while they AFK kill each other. Viola you have created Some form of weird Monster Team and thats teamwork **How deal with a team that does nothing** Call a Baron to end the DeadLOCK, if you can Kill first 2 then do it, even better. Endless Grouper Teams React to objectives being stolen.. so this applies very much to them. **How To Call Baron When nobody listens** Tactic 1 : Place a Ward Near Baron. always Ping any Enemy Walking at River, declare to the team its a Baron attempt incoming, Go go etc. Many times they will respond by Grouping there.This Tactic Works Great for Teams that are roamers to them its just a Gank. **How To Call Baron When nobody listens** Tactic 2 : Leave Baron Pit Visionless, Declare that they are doing baron, Then Ping it, tell them its GG if they get it, Team rushes over.. Then start Baron. Say lets Get it fast b4 they do. Now Ping a Enemy near a Tower if its Roamers.. Ping a Mid if its groupers. **Getting your Team to BARON IS A GAME ITSELF** Timing the Baron RIGHT and Getting it, increases your Winrate by 30% easily if not more. use Calls of baron attempts and Dragon attempts To push team to group or to Team fight when you need it. Use Pings on Enemies near Objectives you want to take, To lure Aggressive players to cooperate. Pinging the actual target wont make them move. We will continue now discuss more points of how to create your Choas Team, **Make him a Useful Feeder** My team generally wins, Because my Bad players somehow Turn out to be more useful, I had a Nasus go 0/20/0, i told him he was Hard countered, and that he needed to farm top Enemy team Kept Ganking him for next 10 minutes Top, we just took all their Inner Towers And inhibs etc Nasus later Got Fed on Farm, And actually managed to kill them, i never criticized his deaths, He was doing his Job Splitpushing, Choas Team doesn't need to be Logical or functionally Nice.. IF your team mate is Feeding Let him Feed in the Right location that means Top, while you push Bottom. let them Gank him 4 man, and you take Inhibitors Bot later mid.. Again Don't force Roles on people Hes playing Fine as a Feeder, Just not at the right spot, We need feeds Far away so that OP champ is Gone from base. his total Gold value is less then a Canon minion, so Dont worry about the visual Score stacking. DO NOT IN ANY CONDITION SCHOOL YOUR TEAM.. They cannot Learn how to avoid a Fed Riven suddenly And Flash Like Faker after your nice speech and Toxic blast of 5 minutes.. you are not a Spider Biting spiderman making him hop away From every Gank.. telling people to PLAY BETTER makes them PLAY WORSE inGame. They need time to Practice and learn, Instead Try to even odds with your Shotcalling and use Mistakes of enemy, Make up for Whats lost. But Don't expect your ADC you need to use your Q better speech to suddenly Make his POKE work wonders. **Don't force your team, try to use what they naturally Do, and use it to some advantage,** **if your team are Killers only Roaming, Make every objective into a Bloodsport.** **Make Fake calls that Baron is being taken, To get people to Baron** ** Ping enemies Near Towers or Baron/Dragon, To get Players that Love ganks to come along** Easy Kill near Tower mid, It works wonders on that Killer type player.. But if you ping tower,, just forget it. Reverse is also Same, Easy kill near mid, Will Not ATTRACT a Teamwork based player.. Tell him WE NEED tower You need to study your team first.. Are they roamers or Groupers. Then Ping and talk based on it. **I will add more Team advice In the Next UPDATES** ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **TOP LANER SECTION** Top Lane has 3 Objectives :, First Objective - safely Farm alot and effectively, Split pushing Properly also means Stacking that CS not missing it, Place WARDS at TriBush or River .. preferable Both. Safe Top laner is a Good TOP LANER. when you make no effort to prevents deaths, do not complain, if it does happen. How to Practice Objective 1 : Create Custom Game with Annoying bots with Range, let them Poke you while you Dodge and Get High cs, Practice alot to Farm under your tower.. It may happen if Lissandra etc is TOP.. Farming under tower is very important in Top, more so then others, as pressure there can be great, due to counters/Ganks. Second Objective - TP Botlane and Get Ganks+ Secure Dragon with your team.. Or Defend midlane tower the most important tower ingame at the early stage, if its being pushed hard. How to Practice Objective 2 : Top Laner should have a Very wide Knowledge of Choatic Teamfights, Landing Gnar Stuns in difficult scenario's forexample or Positioning Moakai in such a Way that Soaks all damage away from your ADC.. Become a Team fight master.. Yes Toplaners Should Aram alot, Position and Tank for whole team. Constant 5 on 5 fights, because that is what you do late game. Third Objective : Play as a Jungler to Understand, How to cooperate as a Toplaner on Ganks with him, and also know their timings and limits, asking for a Level 1 Gank, will not help your Jungler. Also tell him where the wards likely are. By being a Jungler as practice, you will also Know Where to ward. Also Watch Spectate Good Junglers to understand their Average Top ganking times etc. Why is Playing as a Jungler, the Third Objective ???? Because feeding him is bad for you and you lose alot of minion waves. Staying alive in your Lane is priority not kills, as result by the time you do Join the Team fight your winrate is higher. If you are Kennen or Lissandra Top, the Idea remains the same, Team fighting Mechanics should be Solid to be a Good top, its not only about your Farm. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **ADC Laner Section ** **First Objective** : ADC is very very Farm intensive Role, if it is important for others, for ADC it is a MAKE OR BREAK factor, This along with another point that, we will discuss later, can Decide your whole ADC potential. YES perfect last hitting means you already are 40% more Dangerous as a ADC.. Have you ever Laned with a ADC that you killed easily twice and But He Remains ahead of you in CS and Equals all Overall Gold by CS.. Now imagine he Kills you 1 time.. He is now ahead despite being a Kill Behind.. His Farm is So Solid He can Afford to be Behind on kills and Still has the Infinity Edge before you.. What if he Kills you more ??? Yes his chances of winning the Lane are far greater then yours, This Fact is even More apparent in the Most CS Focused Role in League called ADC. **How to practice First Objective** : Again Same Rule, Make a Custom Game and Last hit like Crazy, Get really Good at it.. You don't want to be in a Situation, Where you Win in Kills and but Lose overall, because its all evened out by CS Advantage... **CS Goals** 4 minutes 25 10 minutes 60, 15 minutes 100, 20 minutes 150. 25 minutes 200 Getting the Exact Figures in Game is not neccesary but Being 100 cs at 20 minutes is troubling. You generally want to have a Decent Farm to help you, PULL and carry your team. Now missing CS because you took enemy Tower is fine, Missing CS because you got 2 kills is fine. Missing CS because you can't Last Hit is bad.. If you are alone in a Lane and can't 200 cs .. you know that Custom games are needed and practice. no way to dodge that. **Second Objective** : POSITIONING SURVIVAL is important, it is the Second Key element, that makes a ADC.. Sustained Damage during a Team fight is better then BURST damage and Dying after proccing your infinity Edge once only, The Average Proffessional ADC, Positions himself To survive and Continues Poking and Pounding During Teamfights like Nidalee spears, he doesn't Jump in Release all His Load and Die to a TOWER, and GO Banzai.. You are not a Canon minion, Rather your role is to do damage over time, and do damage like poison and back off And stay alive. During Laning Fase Survival is also Key.. Dodge Skill shots, Yes a ADC is the target of almost all Support Skill shots, Rengar Bola's, and you name it.. Life expectancy For players that can't dodge Hooks from Tresh/Blitz .. is near to zero. positioning during Laning Fase or Team Fights, Decides 60% of the value of the ADC.. if you Stand at the front lines and Get Popped by a Double Stun Ult.. Then you know you are doing it wrong. You did maybe Nice damage with your Vayne ULT with your nice item builds,, But the Overall Damage you did will always be Less then someone that Remains Alive During the Whole fight using only auto attacks. Basically Your Ult + Super items only 2 shots < Staying Alive and keep Doing Damage to the enemy. A GOOD ADC is alive the longest, and isn't Caught out of position. This fact is very important, a Majority of Players will focus the ADC, Believing he has the most damage ''even when he doesn't'' **How To Practice for Second Objective** : Play as Sona/soraka or any other Squishy Support, Not only will you learn how to cooperate better with your Support, You will learn how to Survive.. They are so Squishy They have to Survive All skill shots in team fights hence you learn To play like a Squishy and as a result Position in places where you don't get two shotted .. Yes a ADC is a SONA basically, his concept is the same stay away from enemy Damage and Dodge obvious Hooks+Damage and also POKE with your Q, while taking no Damage from them.. ever seen a Sona Invite incoming Damage and Love to tank it ? Sona Hits and Runs, So Should you ADC. Further Advice for ADC, Play as Junglers once in a awhile and Spectate Games were Junglers STOMP, the Botlane, Also You practice stomping a Bot lane as Jungler.. U will learn how to Time Ganks better with Your Jungler.. and also Their limits and how to avoid them. ‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—«‹—« **MID AND Support and JUNGLER SECTION COMING SOON.** **Commenters Advice Below , ''Full credits to commenter in this Thread,'' :** ****** gaby1best (EUNE) says : ''Something you missed: Upgrade your trinket at LEVEL 9. And actually place wards. More vision = higher win chances.'' ******* Sub HeroCro (EUNE) says : ''Ill give a most important tip to silver / bronze, Capitalize on enemy mistakes In order to do that you have to know your and enemy limits If an enemy uses to many abilites for farm engage them If you kill an enemy get his tower to or his chickens/raptors or push the wave on his tower so that he loses exp This works until diamond because at diamond people start doing non suspicious mistakes to bait you In league you dont win because your mechanics you mainly win out of your enemy mistakes'' ****** Katàna (EUNE) says : ''if you dont play much you wont improve and if u want to get to diamond start playing a champ and get 200 games with him or more'' **** heydon97 (EUW) says : ''I'm glad that more light is being shone on what carrying truly means, taking objectives is far better than getting fed and wasting that advantage chasing someone with 10 hp through 2 turrets, even if you get the kill, you could have taken that first turret and push the wave to the 2nd while you go split push another turret; instead you either died getting a kill or turrets chunked your health massively forcing you to recall'' ******* Nukeman20 (EUW) says : ''Biggest problem in silver that I see is people not admitting their mistakes, when they die they say 'nerf' or flame the jungler, heck I even see people say 'hacks' and they believe they are really good and have a big ego so can't admit they messed up.'' ******* Nice Advice from Aingaz For what Not to do. Aingaz (EUW) Says : 1- when junglers gank extended lanes and doesn't gank lanes that are pushed toward us. he probably waits in the bush till they push and waste the time , or a failed gank coz they're near their tower. he ends up falling behind 2- ppl are just roaming and want to kill ppl early game like zombies they leave their lane , miss their farm , and the turret for burning a flash ? and the enemy laner ends up getting alot of cs and the turret destruction gold for all his team. 3-after killing the enemy they back to buy to become "stronger" and waste all that time and so on teamfight after a teamfight ........ 4- as u said , they don't push at all maybe if u pinged mid they will actually push , but getting top or bot inhib ? i'm the one who split push every game ! i mean me and the guy that don't leave his lane at all from the start of the game till it ends :3 5- ppl say ks , when they were actually dying till u helped them AinGaz tells points you could do : 6- when u're ahead , help u're team , don't push and push and push not if, 3 enemies are missing from the mini map . u will be ganked alot of times . don't stay in u're lane till the end of the game 7- they copy / paste builds from mobafire and build it same way everygame , they can build armor with a full ap team. ***** Jìñx (EUW) ''Biggest difference I feel between high ELO players and low ELO players is that they come out with a lot more creeps in the lane phase as well as their positioning in lane and teamfights.'' ******* Adding more commenter advice soon. Full credits to Commenters regarding any Comments above and Big thanks to Declined (EUNE) for helping improve the layout. ****** I had a Fun idea. For those that are Interested in improving, I offer free coaching and tips, ill spectate and analyze your games on EUW, and Give you basic tips on Improvement, im a Avid lcs/Challenger spectator, With alot of Moba game experience. i also like to see improvements in others aswell as myself. My account is : Skylinez33 Just for Certainty its a EUW account. Just Wisper me ingame ! or message me here. Have Fun on the summoner.
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