Please think about your picks. PLEASE!!!! (just venting about a lost gam, carry on)

ok, i had already made [a rant thread]( about this. But for the love of Jesus, this is something you just cannot repeat enough. and no, this is not another "do not pick bad champions, pick FOTM only". No, i was never an advocate of such an approach. This is about picking champions, that are completely unfit for what your team and the enemy team picked. It is about losing a game, just because players did not think for a second about what is needed. In my game the picking phase went like this 1) Enemy firstpick {{champion:72}} 2) We respond by picking {{champion:236}} an {{champion:36}} (hello, it's me). both are flexpicks, so ok thus far. 3) The enemy pick {{champion:16}} and {{champion:55}} .... and to my horror my support picked{{champion:43}} . My god, every time Katarina is picked, your first question should be- can i pick anything with instantaneous hard CC, to prevent Katarina from cleaning up everything after 3 seconds of fight. No, he picked a champion that made absolutely no sense! Not only it does not stop Katarina, but was also a self-counterpick into the enemy Soraka. Our last pick was a Jungler. and he did not fix this either, he picked rengar. So we were stuck with this {{champion:36}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:43}} against this: {{champion:114}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:16}} so, not only we do not have an initiation, not only a support counterpicked himself, but also the only hard cc to stop Katarina's ult was Vel'koz E. Which a) is not instantaneous, so she can do her job before the damn thing even kicks in b) is on a looong cooldown. so every time it gets wasted for an initiation attempt we have NOTHING to stop Katarina and Skarner running at us. Now, if support had considered any of these champions (list is not limited to these): {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:1}} or a jungler considered any of these (again, the list is not complete) {{champion:421}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} we would stand a chance. However, we have lost despite both mid and top winning their lanes hard (bot fed Ashe,one of the reasons being Karma counterpicking herself). Katarina crawled herself out of the hell Velkoz gave her, and at this point there was no answer. GG @ champ select. PLEASE THINK. EDIT DISCLAIMER: i do not flame any picks in champ select. i do not even suggest picks. i know how much people find these acts annoying and i think having an annoyed teammate is as bad as a teammate with a stupid champion choice. this approach however makes me feel powerless sometimes.

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