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All these Riven threads ... If you play Riven single time and you let know people here you are automatically a bad person, hahahahahah, judging people by champion, sick ... _I won in lane against Riven buuuut sheee OP, she delete my team one by one, because armor items don't exist and Rito deleted that exhaust summoner spell just to help Riven, waaaaaaaaaaaah and I'm silver V I'm so pro but can't vs Riven she is just too OP, I cri everitim nouw_ {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Play her yourself if she is that OP, if you get to play against her and you don't like it you can still dodge. Don't tell me shit about how OP she is, there are champions that have higher win ratio in soloq than Riven. Checking some threads here make me believe stupidity has no limits.
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