How to counter Veigar/Nasus?

So I've been seeing nasus and veigar a lot more lately, and every game they seem to just stomp. From what I gather, nasus requires a lot of jungle help. Typically I play quinn into nasus to bully etc. But what usually happens is that my jungler puts very little value/effort into ganking nasus, he farms, he stacks, he gets the odd gank here and there, and ends up solo carrying the game through objectives etc. Likewise with veigar, he's squishy, but with that large stun, he's harder to gank than a lot of other mid laners. The main issue I have with both of these champions is that even if you shut them down hard, if you cant end before like 30 minutes, then they can go from 0/10 to just stomping your team. Veigar can kill pretty much anyone who isnt stacking MR with a single Q and R, and nasus will just ignore you and take your towers etc with his infinite sustain. How do I get my junglers/team to actually help me on this? I ask for ganks, Im not expecting a camp, just one or two during laning, but I rarely get them, though my opponent usually does. Then when they're farmed and beginning to win the game solo, I get flamed for 'feeding' etc or letting them farm, when I get no help shutting them down when I request it. Are there any other ways I can deal with these two? They just seem so common in my games lately, and seeing the same thing happen every game is getting a little stale.
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