A Small Soraka guide and tips for Low Elos

I've always been a huge fan of shields and heals supports , it was the only way i could fix up my allies mistakes when they chase and dive, but in the last patches i kinda felt that they are weak or as i can say , more skillful (position, timing, roaming)..etc , and since i'm silver and i can't be skilled under pressure i found a cancerous build for a champ that's already cancer -> {{champion:16}} ________________________________________________________________________________________ The build idea is actually healing healing healing healing healing for everyone. Sure this is the idea of Soraka , but it really sucks when you ran out HP and everyone is begging you for a heal and you have to be alot, but with this build i guarantee it would save you from elo hell , hopefully. ***NOTE*** : I didnt really find this build , it was inspired from different websites , it could be very known for some people , i'd just like to share it. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ***In lane*** {{item:3301}} {{item:2049}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2055}} Ancient coin is good for the gold and the mana you get from minions , also the award you get from getting the 650 gold which can you let max W very early .. sightstone because you are a good support who wards :), also pink ward(control) to remove wards from your enemy , and pots to help you sustain with your Q :D ***The cancer build*** {{item:2302}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} BOOTS: {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} __________________________________________________________________________________ the build idea is the huge sustain from warmorgs and the healing power from {{item:3114}} stacked with Redemption heal , all of that gives you enough HP to gain a huge shield with the {{item:3190}} which was recently buffed. ___________________________________________________________________________ ***Some tips I saw _some_ people do as Soraka*** A- If your ally is backing , dont heal (the more you know..xd) ***B- Try to balance between your Q and W in lane to guarantee free ,poking and healing for your ADC*** B- In late game , always show up in the fight late , in other words , stay in the fog of war _out of enemy sights_ until few seconds pass for the teamfights , that makes it harder for the enemy team to switch targets after they got focused by your allies , and start healing safely. C- If you want to heal your ally , dont heal them right when they get extremely low, just heal them everytime they get their HP missed ***_that's why you get the warmorgs , right ? :D_*** ((the more you know..xd)) D- If you get focused in teamfights , keep or try to Q and run and kite around your teammate while healing them , it's kinda hard for some people , especially if you have a FPS lag sometimes. E-Since you are in low elo , you might get a noob ADC from times to times , in these kind of situations healing him in teamfights "if he's useless" isnt necessary , you can heal your main damage dealer till he ***Atleast*** kill 2 people from the enemy , then go heal someone else. F- Farsight..{{item:3363}} can be good if you are against assassins and you are afraid to ward. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ As a Soraka player , you should be afraid of these ..... ( counters) ***grievous wounds*** 1-5 1- {{summoner:14}} , especially in the laning phase !! 2- {{item:3165}} , perhaps the most common , bought item. 3- {{item:3033}} , {{item:3123}} for AD 4- {{champion:55}} 's R _death lotus_ 5- {{champion:110}} 's W _ Hail of Arrows_ 6- HARD HARD HARD Focus on Soraka ____________________________________________________ Hopefully , with great skills , planning and teamworking , you can climb up if you are support ! ***NOTE*** : AGAIN! i repeat some of these tips and also build are known for alot of people , i'm just sharing it for the people who dont really know it !

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