Intergrating SR and TFT togther is a bad idea.....Somthing that should not even be entertained!

quoted by "Riot MapleNectar" "We’ll be working on longer term progression plans for TFT. We’re also thinking about how we can best integrate Summoners Rift, ARAM, TT, and TFT into one cohesive experience when they all offer considerably different gameplay." DO not! integrate SR into TFT or vise versa... keep that shit to aram (even then limit it).... i know SOME long term players that are hyped for it during thee 1st week... now they cant even stand the site of it on the home screen..... look i understand u enthusiasm to push your new game mode... but there are also a lot of people like me that dont even wanna see it (its already caused massive downtime on EUW,on a sunday night).... i dont care about it being in the client... i dont care about people playing it.. i dont care about missions that only give rewards for TFT.... i would just like to state that ARAM, SR AND ALL rotating game modes are still moba based and still resemble the core game play of a moba so when they state "considerably different gameplay" your refereeing to TFT because its a completely genre of game and mixing the 2 even more so on to the so called main game mode "SR" can only go badly for the people that only play SR but the moment you start putting in rewards on TFT for stuff like summoners rift wards, emotes, crates, chromes... thats when it goes from being non intrusive.... to kinda "hey summoners rift players only if u dont play TFT ur missing out on all this free shit for every event" this grinds my gears because it forces me to play it... WHY you ask ? because when u have played a game for 8 years you WANT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT... in other words im a pack rat a hoarder for all things cosmetic in league.... so when ever i play these alternative game modes i become toxic because all i wanna do is get the missions done and get out as quick as i can... this leads me to flaming my team, spamming ff etc.... i dont want to have to do this... and the moment u integrate it into other game modes like SR the game suddenly becomes cucked for me.... you'v already integrated pets in to aram and its annoying as shit (aram is the game mode i play after 9 hour shifts) and the last thing i need on my screen is 9 little pets + poros spitting out emote sounds that sound like windows being cleaned (when spammed)... so if this is what you mean by integrating into SR then holy shit get me out................ or at least give me an option to earn the same rewards from SR (ie A ward skin) if its being offered in TFT............ AND I BEG please let me turn off pets if they are brought to summoners rift!!!!!!!!!!! SR is ment to be competitive emotes are fine but they can be switched off.... but those pet sounds when they are spammed are unreal it sounds like a dying toad............... TFT IS GOOD for league...... BUT TFT for my personal experience is not GOOD for SR.......

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