How do people feel about the current state of ARAM?

I'm not gonna say that this is 100% of the time and every day of the week. But overall I have very mixed feelings about the aram games I get sometimes. While I am aware this is random, I feel like some champions pop really often. I think this is the overall spoiled modus of ppl not even wanting to play this game unless shit like Varus, Veigar, Xerath and the like pop on the team and then get going. There are times when people leave 5-6 lobbies in a row and guess what, there's another Varus when I finally hit game. I seriously throw away these champions because of how %%%%ing stupid they are for aram and I don't think this is even fun to play with or against all the time. I know I could just play another game mode but I feel like aram is a real 'fun' mode and I often just want to play that over the others, but at the same time it gets pretty frustrating sometimes with all the leaves and repetitive brokens showing up. While on that thought of 'brokens'. Personally, I heavily dislike the entire support pool of items for this gamemode, relics are obviously taken away here but I would really like to see the others go aswell, ardent censer aswell as redemption really bothers me in this mode. Healing reduction is active but then we re-buff them using items and allowing map-wide Redemption casts on every teamfight. Not to mention, really, some of these are absolutely ridiculous, I know this will probably never happen but god dammit, instead of giving healing 50% reduction, make it -90% and let's be done with this. Healers are annoying enough to play against with their near unlimited casts as it is. Sona + Presence of Mind will never run out of mana. I'm kinda out of what else I wanted to say, I'm pretty tired at this time but in a TL:DR Please push heavier punishments for leaving aram or reduce rerolls in any way or form. Reduce healing even further. Now excuse my sloppy writing as I can't really be bothered to read over and re-write this post at this time and good night to everyone. GL HF o/
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