Backdooring will gain new meaning after new patch introduce.

I dont know what about you guys, but i am speechless and happy that i dont play SR often these days. Just look []( I have no idea how this is even possible, that changes like this even pass on PBE. If this going to be released on official servers, it will bring back the old nightmares from season 1... ** @edit disclaimer** to all people saying stuff like "xin zhao does it anyway hyhyhy why even bother hyhyhy" > I know it was possible and is possible for xin zhao. > But AP xin does not BURST TO OBLIVION like this one does duh. > > YEA, because FULL AP XIN ZHAO could tank towers as well, this one GONNA BE BALANCED, right? > This logic is so legit real. > Ignoring the fact, he will fuk up everything with 3 hits and tank entire teams... Yep, seems balanced.
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