TFT. I don't see imps or nobles anymore.

I'm so disappointed in this patch. Nobles are no more playble anymore, because you can get Kayle only on lvl 7. Game is already going on with 1-4 g champions on the field and I don't see any imperials, or nobles anymore (build by anyone), they've been cut by this patch. Then the game ends, when people have maximum 1 champion 5 gold on the field. The only way you put gold 5 champ is because it's a replace for other champs who wasn't important. So that means if you consider Swain or Kayle as imp or noble you're missing, it's not working anymore. I'm in plat btw. Besides, people now can have early gnar, draven, kindred at stage 1 wtf is this. Seems golden era of tft is gone for me already. Well, I'm just so addicted to tft and it's so sad riots are taking away it from me so quickly :/. What do you guys think? :)
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