The Reworked Warwick! (Hyena skin)

Hey there, I know this isn't the PBE Boards but I would like to talk a little bit about the rework on {{champion:19}} . Not exactly the rework itself, but the Hyena skin. In general, I think you all did a great job in all the skins and I love the splashes art style too. But, I think there's something missing in the Hyena skin. 1st- this skin in the regular {{champion:19}} had a special laugh and animation for it that made the champion look more like a Hyena (obvious). 2nd- the skin had a really cool thing on his Q, where, everytime he did it, he would laugh. As simple as that and I loved how that worked. After I watched the new rework on that skin I noticed they didnt had the laugh on Q and that the laugh hadn't that special form of a hyena... I don't know if it's not there because they are still working on it, or just because they forgot about that special feature on the skin. I hope you make it again please, otherwise the skin won't be the same {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} Best of luck on SoloQ ^-^
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