When is the PTA nerf coming???

I dont get why rito buffs adcs even more after a season where they were more than strong, but still and adc is team dependant, you can work around that. Vayne is way over the top tho. What I dont get is Udyr and Yi buffs ontop of the op mastery, might aswell buff Xin and Jax and rename game to League of AS hypercarries. Srsly I cant stand this cancer anymore. I was like "Cmon it cant be that broken" picked Jax, I play like shit, still lategame spikes hit in early game and I melt. Seems like the teams power is proportionate to having more hypercarries. And a tank\bruiser has no chance of getting an early advantage, apart from steamrolling in both top and bot. Midlane mages are a joke now, unless you want to counterpick with xerath and be obnoxious or cheese with Veigo or smth, but still its a handicap. A yasuo will always dominate late, where late means 15 minutes. Why are lategame champs spiking so %%%ing early??? Full ad teams winning no prob. Even if 3 guys stack armour, the 2 guys running press the attack (usually adc + a Jax\Yi) will shred through them. 0 time for reaction or peeling. Armour only counters ad assasins now. Whichever team gets a second hypercarry, apart from the played in every game vayne, wins. Dont get me wrong, Im not a fan of tanks, im big on glasscannons, but this shit is just unbalanced. Out of all the shit you could buff you buff hypercarries and make them spike early...
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