Riot should focus on banning Trolls/Feeders/Boosters just as much as they ban Toxic players

Hi, I just wanna say that this is not a troll thread, this is the 100% truth and my opinion. I have been permabanned 3 times due to toxicity. However, many of the games I flamed was due to one of the above (trolls/feeders/boosters). I am not going to say I didn't deserve these bans because I did, but I feel Riot focus _too much_ on toxic players when there is an ACTUAL 100% soloution which fixes this issue which is the **ignore button.** Unlike Boosted players/Trolls/Feeders which there is no actual solution as to solve a problem when somebody is purposely feeding your game and throwing it... Toxic players usually do actually want to win the game, whereas a troll doesn't care if they win/lose. This is very dangerous. I feel Riot does well with punishing AFKers and Scripters. But they need to put as much time as they are in getting rid of toxic players like me into severely punishing the Feeders/Trolls/Boosters.
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