Yorick with Lifesteal and Warlords

Just a fun build for Yorick since ****GHOULS PROC LIFESTEAL AND WARLORDS BLOODLUST**** You don't need to necessarily build items with lifesteal, you just need lifesteal runes, masteries, dorans blade, Warlords Bloodlust (10% lifesteal at level 1) Setup: -Lifesteal Quints (4,5%) -Vampirism (2%) -Dorans Blade (3%) -Mastery: Runic Armor (lifesteal and heals 8% stronger) -Mastery: Warlords Bloodlust (up to 20% lifesteal) -Spirit Visage (increases all healing received by 25%) This way your Q's heal for a ton and your ghouls will heal you even more + your basic attacks. In laning phase you can play as if you are a Nasus. Harassing and self healing on creeps to full health in a heartbeat. Core build: {{champion:83}} {{item:1055}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} Have fun :)
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