How to prevent other lanes of feeding while playing top?

Hi I am currently in plat5. The problem I have is simple. I lose games because other lanes do bad against their opponents and I don't really know how to respond if this does happen. I main Gangplank at the moment which is useful to support other lanes at level 6 but I have the feeling of doing something wrong. Well the chance of getting bad teammates is 50% or not? So the one who is not doing the right thing is obviously me, even if I have good or at least balanced stats at the end of nearly every game. Especially botlane worries me because I cannot be there all the time and I haven't got Teleport up all of the time. What can I do? Play another Champ/ Gank more often/ give a fck about them and try to do my best? :D I don't know so.. tell me your thoughts
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