What should assassins be?

I had made a thread about Kayn... I think he is ridiculous because no matter how much he is shut down early he becomes a monster in the end... so, isn't he an assassin? Aren't assassins supposed to be champs that if you win over them in the early game they become useless because they don't have the burst to make the plays? Let me clear this up... let's say I play katarina (she's an assassin... and a damn good one...) and I have fallen behind early, let's say 0-3 because I have a bad matchup (Malzahar ftw... lol). After that it's simple what's next... I roam to top or bot lane... and if I fail there too, that's it.. I'm useless... I'm so far behind that my ult is a piece of cake for the enemy to survive and everyone is flaming me like crazy... how bad I am... how I should delete LoL... what a noob I am... how I am Silver trash or whatever... I feel like this doesn't apply to Kayn at all... I've killed him over and over in early and in late he's still a monster... I still haven't seen ONE kayn that would be a bad player and be a liability for his team... no... no matter how many kills he gives early in the end he destroys everyone... so, how is that possible? is EVERY SINGLE PLAYER that plays Kayn soooo good? come on... that's not possible... even if he loses the game he dominates... I don't care what his winrate is... he should be punished waaay more for bad early plays.... And please don't tell me the all time classic "If he's so OP, play him...". I don't want to play him, I don't like him and I shouldn't be forced to play him... I killed him 3 times in the first 15 mins with Ezreal and in the end he was still one shoting my teammates one after another... not to mention me... every time he even touched me I was dead... at the same time he doesn't feel that squishy at all... he's not tanky but he can take a decent amount of hits... especially for an assassin (I guess he's tankier than Zed... maybe Talon can take a bit more hits and would be closer to Kayn... not sure). I don't know, I know I may be just not realizing what I should do to win over him, but I think that applies to all the teammates I've ever had against him... we are Silver... it's not like we play against Kayn masters... they shouldn't be dominating every single game...
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