Gnar or Vi ?

Hello guys, once again for those who have seen this the other times, today i got a new decision to make. Last time i was wondering which one to buy ekko/vel'koz, i went for ekko, then on the second time i was all about lucian/jhin, so i bought first ekko, then lucian and then vel'koz but instead buying jhin right now i think i'm missing a good top laner or another jungler, so i don't know who to buy gnar/vi. For top lane i use Illaoi, garen and teemo as my best. For jungle Kha'zix and evelynn. I have others to both lanes but those i told are my best. So i know that gnar is a fine resourceless top laner which can poke from distance on his normal form, and then he can go ham melee mode on mega gnar with a fine ammount of cc. Vi is also a good pick with some mobility with that ult lockdown and can shred tanks ... I'll buy both with time, but which one should i get first ? PS: i know there are a lot of other cheaper and strong picks, but i have currently 6300 so that's why that decision.
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