i know ekko is just out but...

... I'm already quite sure that this guy is impossible to balance No i'm not talking about his nuke, he's supposed to be an assassin, and yes his kit is terribly overloaded (shield, dash, aoe stun, aoe nuke, (triple) slow (twice on his q, once on w) , btw i do agree that it's too much in 1 kit Now there isn't the issue to balance him, which maybe makes me sound nuts, but i think the biggest issue will be his ult, not the dmg, but the heal It's fitting for his ult and kit that he heals, but riot plz, the heal amount with some decent ap, it's funny to see ekko get 'nuked' to about 5% hp to then use his ult, deal massive dmg AND heal like 80% of his hp back, ok he goes back in time, but c'mon, this sht goes too far, next thing we know is riot makes his ult have a perma 0 second cooldown because he goes back in time to use it, and at that moment it wasn't on cd On a more serious note, the heal is pure bullsht, he's an anti everything assassin because of it, other assassins can't nuke him, in tf's he'll wreck your team with the same spell that saves his life etc etc... Imo riot fcked up with this champ because of how overloaded the kit is, especially his ult

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