garen and morde

So went on my way with the usual rankeds and had to face garen and a morde on bot.... CAN WE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REVERT THIS PATCH? Riot please stop smoking whatever you are because these guys are just free wins. Garen still hurts and possibly even more and don't even get close to him when you are the villain as his 1500 true damage ult is going to wipe you of the map again and again and again. Maybe if that ult had a 15 minute cd it "might" be a bit balanced but his judgement 1v1 bonus still makes up for the loss of damage. That skill alone can kill any champ in the game atm with a full channel. How are you supposed to face a tank that builds a black cleaver for damage and apparently that is enough to win any 1v2 and sometimes even 1v3. Laning against a garen was already horrible, but now he gets a free pass whenever you kill him. IF you manage to kill him that is. Morde on the other hand sends a dragon to your bot lane that makes you lose the turret as the dragon is a way too strong early. ADC can't harass him and his waveclear is too strong. And even if you decide to fight him his 3rd q AA hits so hard that you don't stand a chance. Remember ritos example from 100 -> 300 -> 900? I thought the base damage would be quite low so it wasn't that bad. Little did i know that the damage is more like 300 -> 900 -> 2700. Apparently it seems the hit also includes other damage bonusses like sheen. So the first hit with a sheen will also increase the other 2 hits. Like you proc a sheen that hits harder ever attack. Both these guys bring so much damage and tankiness that the mid of their team felt more like a secondary support. Their jungler might as well have been afk and he probably was as i never saw him and all the actuall support could do was provide cc so garen and morde could 2v5 our entire team. Might flame me for being a noob but honestly, the new morde and garen can't be fought as a melee champion. They are just too strong and too tanky. They aren't exactly hard to play champions either. Just a few point and click skills.
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