Got accused of scripting with Xerath LOL

Something I can not understand is when I play well Xerath and get accused of scripting. So according to people every time a xerath can land most of his skill shots he is scripting. First of all I have mastery 5 with this champ and played him a lot, second of all my mains are all long range ap mages like Vel'koz, Xerath, and Ziggs, So I am used to predict where the enemy is going to go most of the time, even with my silver level, this is my playstyle as a player. Then at this elo people dont know how to dodge which makes it easier. Also people only focus on when you actually hit them with your ult, I missed many times my 2 first shots with my ult but they forget those 2 shots and would rather focus on the last shot that hit them even when they try to "dodge" (silver dodge) when I try harded to predict where the enemy is going to go. Then I get accused of scripting by 3 members of the enemy team, my team clearly saw that I wasn't scripting I was just in a good day. I think with Xerath some days you miss everything and some other days you can hit almost everything. I got probably reported for cheating but I dont care because if riot check my account they will see that I dont use any program. But it just piss me off so I wanted to write about it. I feel like I can not play Xerath anymore because of that. Also it is really easy to tell when someone is scripting, I can provide you with my replays and you will see the difference. Sorry for the long post and ty if you read until here. Have a nice evening all
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