bilgewater event ;-;

its gone boys. now to be serious the bilgewater event was awesome and i hope everyone agrees on that. i really hope they do this more often with maybe different regions. i normally never play aram but when i heard butchers bridge was gonna be the aram map during the event. i don't even know how fast i went on league to play that. also added a new champ PYKERS!!!!. (my version of pyke combined with poggers :P ) anyway the point of this thread is simple riot if you are reading this i really hope you make events like this more often. since bilgewater is my favorite region you probably wont top this for me since this is the best event ever but having events on noxus/demacia/ionia or whatever is really awesome. in my opinion shadow isles needs a bit more loving. and i think riot could make an awesome event using shadow isles as its main theme. HOWEVER one thing i almost forgot to mention is. gangplank the king of bilgewater wasn't really seen in this theme at all you could play him in aram but no new skin.

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