Ait heres my problem i play draven and lucian as my main ADC's this season pretty much with a hint of jinx and caitlyn in the mix. Now i can beat legit every adc 95% of the time. But!! there comes xayah with whatever support she wants, worst with rakan naturally, who just beats me somehow early game and mid game and late game and is more effective during laning phase and team fighting face. I could probably 1 v 1 her but no way can i 2 v 2 her with supps. Its like the most broken thing. She can out burst me in some scenarios where im lucian. Like this one time i had lvl 2 cheesed them down to 25% hp then all of a sudden i e in for the kill thinking theyll probably heal. They did so i thought theyd back off with that instead she pressed her E and i died from maybe like half hp. Didnt even get a chance to heal. So tell me what EXACTLY can one pick or do to beat this champ who does as much damage as draven almost but sustained???
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