I am stuck in Silver 2, I don't see the way out. HELP!

I have a lot of problems getting out of Silver 2 as a former Platinum player and it really worries me. I got placed in Silver 3 after my provisionals and managed to reach Silver 2 in barely few games. Had 100% win rate on Warwick, 80% win rate on Shyvana, 100% win rate on Sivir. As soon as I got to Silver 2 I started to lose a lot, mu Win rate on Warwickd droped to 50%, Shyvana from 80 to 45% win rate, and curently I am at 50% win rate (below 50% in Silver 2) I found out that I can easily carry my team if they are "OK", but I simply CAN'T carry someone whos 1-15 by the 20 minute mark and if you take a look at my match history it hapens in 7 out of 10 games I play. Last noght I have reached 90LP and was 1 win away from Silver 1 series and I got "Run it down mid" Draven who decided to feed for nothing even tho we were wining that game. I cant beleave theres such a big difference between Silver 3 and Silver 2. Why am I struggling so much even if I had no problems geting out of Silver 3? I am also nice to my team mates, trying not to tilt them or anything because I dont want someone to ruin my game, I ping, I call, I beg them not to overstay at low HP after we take an objective but they simply ignore it. I DON't know how to deal with this. I consider myself decent and yes, I can carry a decent team but NO, i cant carry someone who intentionaly feeds. Is there any advice? Is silver 2 really that fcked up? People are giving up after a single death.

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