Jungle has never been this bad

Typical junglers are Lee Sin, Elise, Rek'Sai, Gragas, Warwick and Zac All aggressive early gankers/counterjunglers. Ask yourself; How long time is since farm junglers have been meta? The thing is the map is way too dark right now at early stages of the game now, and it has been for some time now. That means you have more options to gank lanes that are pushed simply because they can't ward every spot. That's fair enough, but the removal of green ward was a huge setback to safety in lane. Previously, you could get a green, a pink and ward up with your trinket ward too. No longer an option. Who benefits from this? The aggressive early game gankers. Lee Sin, Elise, Rek'Sai and Zac In season 7 came the addition of plants too, that meant junglers had more options to gank from and acquire vision for a short period of time. Blast cone has made ganking top/bot from gromp way easier, basically meaning if even if you've warded and are at the enemy's turret, you're not safe. People just use their blast cone to get over the wall, so they dont have to waste their gap closer... Who benefits from that? Early game junglers like Lee Sin, Elise and so on... Riot sees what they've done. They've made the map a lot darker and removed some safety when you've already warded, so what do they do? They reduce XP by jungle camps... I tell you, playing jungle right now feels like playing support. You can gank pretty easily, but farming is a no-go. It doesn't provide the XP that it used to, and since the map is so dark, you're a fool if you don't gank. The only way to like play jungle right now is just to gank and get your team ahead. You as a jungler? It isn't uncommon to be 2 levels under your mid/top now. I remember back in S5 where i got 6 by 7 minuttes regularly. Getting 6 at 7 minuttes now? Forget it. Unless you've at least gotten 3 kills and went straight back into your jungle, you'll be getting 6 around 8-9 minuttes. The "junglers gap" phenomen that has had some talk in Korea is a prime example. If you don't have really easy-to-gank lanes by now, the enemy jungler will just take over because they have some big unkillable monster CC tank top vs. your Riven or viceverca. LB is still meta despite not being that great. Her chains do so well with the dark map and is great gank setup The last time I remember farm junglers being meta was before all of this xp and vision nonsense where junglers had the option to farm and get their devourer stacked. Ganking pre-6 was an option, now it is a must. Farm junglers don't recieve enough xp to be useful on their own. Aggressive junglers don't either, but at least they have their ganks. It went to the point where i was 6/1 as Rek'Sai vs. the 0/7 Annie I camped. She just still oneshot me. I looked at our levels and she was 1 above me and had somewhat the same amount of items (in gold) I camped her early, so my mid was really strong, but i didnt see too much power from myself. Couldn't even kill their 0/7 mid laner ________ TLDR: Map too dark, xp is too low. Forces early game junglers and gankers to be meta and farm junglers to be trash
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