I created a Wukong rework concept. Pls take a look and feedback :)

Hey guys. I was thinking off how we could rework Wukong. Sure he is decent right now, but he he is also outdated and could enjoy some fresh wind. First of all, how do we see Wukong and what are his Keyparts: - Stealth Engage: The ability to go into stealth and engage into the backline doing massive dmg surprising the enemy team. - Trickster: The ability to trick enemys with your clone and mobility. - Cyclone: His Ultimate is a big Keypart of Wukong and it would be nice if this could stay like it is. What can we cut out of his current Kit ? - His Q and the armorpen: It's nice to have it but it wouldnt be horrific if we would remove this ability since its not that meaningfull at all. - His Passive: His passive is one of the most forgotte passive in the game. Its " ok " to have it in the lategame but it could be reworked. What are his strenghts what are his cons ? - Wukong is really punished when he falls behind. Since he has no form of waveclear or skillshot he can get punished for ever single minion he wants to take when behind. - Needs Dmg Items to be usefull. - His only direction is into the enemy. Trading against an enemy who is ahead is basicly never worth - He is mainly physical DMG. One Sunfire and he gets shit on. - Strong Initiation: His Init is A+ Lv. high DMG, good CC. - Very mobile: His is a really mobile Champion. - Snowballs really hard. What do we want ? - Keeping the Idendity of being a stealth engager with the Ultimate. - The ability to trick the enemy. - Adding some form of ranged skillshot. - Adding various DMG types ( such as AP or %Physical ). - Giving the enemy Time to react and counterplay. - Giving some way to improve his Jungling. THE ABILITIES: - > - Passive: No specific Name yet >After being unseen for at least 0.75 seconds, Wukong next basic attack or ability will slow his target for 20/25/30/35/40%. Also his next basic attack will deal 15+10/Lv. magic damage. This will improve he pre 6 Jungling a bit. The slow will scale for each point you put into W. This will prevent him from getting to much CC too early since you usually max W last. Also this will ad some magic damage into lane so he doesnt get fully punished when the enemy Maokai rushes Sunfire Cape. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > - Q: Crushing Blow > Skillshot: Wukong extends his Staff and smashing it into ground in a straight line in front of him dealing X physical damage ( + % current HP dmg, not sure about this ) to all enemy units. Also the first enemy champion he hits will be marked. Another big change. This ability will give Wukong a way to do smthing even when behind and provides him with decent waveclear. Imagine an Illaoi Q just way thinner and way faster. The mark will be interesting once you lvl'd W and E ( dont worry they will remain the same ). This Q will allow you to harass your enemy but its slow enough for the enenmy to react. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > - W: Decoy > Wukong enters invisibility for 1.5 seconds and leaves behind a decoy of himself which, after 1.5 seconds, vanishes and deals magic damage to all nearby enemies. If there is a marked enemy nearby the Clone will instead use a mimiced Nimbus Strike(E) on that enemy dealing half of Nimbus Strikes(E) damage. The Clone vanishes after he used Nimbus Strike(E). Wukong will remain stealth until it breaks. This combo can also trigger the passive slow ( but not the magic damage ). It also has cool mindplay in it. Remember it only jumps on the marked champion and thats the first hit with your Q. This can result into a nice combo in lane = hitting Q - W and re(al)engage with your E + Passive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > - E: Nimbus Strike Remains how it is. The only change is that your clone can only use nimbus strike if you have lvl'd it at least once. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > - R: Cyclone Also remains the same. The Movementspeed gain will probably be lowered to compensate the additional slow. Well thats it so far. This is a raw concept without big numbers. I tryed to keep Wukongs Idendity. I was playing around with an additional W passive like " Wukong gains 20% Damage-Reduction for 1/2/3 seconds " but I think that would be too much tho . Pls send feedback and/or add some fresh Ideas.
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