Riot, you ruined Vel'koz.

Vel'koz is (was)my main pick, I have over 260k points with him. But the new 6.9 patch ruined him, he's not even good anymore. Sure he got a true damage ult, but if you don't hit those 3 stacks then it does like 0 damage. His ult isn't a team shredder anymore it's more like a single target ult because it's kinda rare to get the passive on more then 1-2 enemies... They scaled down every ability, he got a scaling a true damage passive and I can live those things. But his ult does nothing anymore and I rarely get to use it because my other abilities does more damage. So yeah, I'll be looking for a new main, but I don't think I'll find one because it felt rewarding to play vel'koz there aren't many champions in mid that feels rewarding when you play them, for me atleast because they're pretty generic... So yeah, I think I'll just find some other game to play. :/

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