A plea to Riot, for a Garen revert.

Firstly - this is not a cry post about losing to Garen. Just a plea from a now-ex Garen player. Garen, before this rework, was clearly nowhere near the calibre of Aarox, Akali, Riven, Fiora, conquerer abuser #6... but he was still a viable, situationally strong champ with a dedicated player base and very unique game play experience. I don't mean mechanically, but mentally. Every game/lane offered a different set of challenges which had to be overcome through innovation and actual thought rather than running conq/triumph/tenacity/coup + tob/revenous every game, buying the same opening items, varying only boots and maybe a hex/seekers if you were in a swing lane. If you ran the same set up, always bought damage first and never looked at the map then you lost every lane. If you adapted and bought "weirdly" then you could compete with the "2019est" of lanes. This new Garen is just another in the long line of boring conq+tri abusing bruisers. He's lost his juggernaut identity, and is a generic bruiser. Bring strong is not the same as being a successful rework - there are a boat load of examples of reworked champions that while strong are not healthy. We all know that Garen will end up getting the nerf hammer and rotting in the gutter. The only good decision made was removing his villain gimmick in exchange for lower but consistent true damage. The E change should be reverted. Garen can abuse conq, but he didn't need it. Please, fix Garen.
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