Why AR URF is stupid.

Today, I've played 17 games with two of my friends and one of them got Amumu and Garen 3 times, almost in a row. I don't know what algorithm the randomizer follows, but it sure isn't working properly. Most champions that we played, we got more than once, and had to trade away or reroll, there were only about 40 or so champs that were in those games in total. Out of 132 champions, that isn't very random Screens: [Screenshot1](https://gyazo.com/cf572149e70f97cbd8d1cd079d8aca55) [Screenshot2](https://gyazo.com/09951427595b4fd5d2e8db3b0d1bb882) 80% of the games we played was boring as can be, since we got stupid champions, that we couldn't play and more than often, we were up against people who were lucky enough to get their main champion and we got completely destroyed. **Sure**, it's not as often as normal URF, where people pick their favorite champs, but at least then you can have fun with YOUR own champion. It's not about winning, it's about having fun, and you wont have fun if you're playing a champion that you dislike. But that isn't the worst of it all, I thought, "oh Riot wouldn't be so stupid as to NOT let us make our own custom games with URF, would they?", oh they did alright. NOT even AR URF is possible to play in custom games. WHY? SO WHY NOT: * Let us decide whether or not we want to play URF in a custom game or not. * Add the bots, even if they would function weirdly, because it's a custom game and it doesn't have to be perfect. * Make the Random truly RANDOM, or idk, let us decide if we want RANDOM or a higher chance with our most played champions, in the form of tick boxes perhaps. Riot doesn't trust its community and that's the issue here. If players were given **more choice**, a **better custom game lobby and creator**, the game would be so much more **fun**. Imagine being able to make your own rules and try out whatever champion you want, without having to worry about getting that {{champion:266}} , that would be truly fun. Thoughts?

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