Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight is...

Absolutely amazing! Thank you Riot for daring to create such marvelous characters with interesting flair both in design and gameplay. From many of the comments about Zoe it seems to me that an abundance of people take League of Legends and themselves way too seriously. It's almost unfathomable for some that a character like Zoe could ever co-exist with such "cool" characters as Zed, Kayne and whoever people consider edgelordy enough. It's almost like it's their game? Funny. Also, for the person who made the music for the teaser-trailer; You have a new fan, I need to know your name so I can follow your work! It's like the tunes that blasted my bedroom when I was a kid playing platformers, absolutely a busting tune. Haven't played League in a long while but this character surely made me want to come back and get to know the rift again, thank you <3

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