Movespeed and damage on tanks. Dumb sounds. Autofill. Blind picks.

I. Questions about tanks: 1). Why are tanks (TANKS) able to run with so much movespeed (500+) while wearing so much armor (200+) and magic resist (200+) while assassins and marksmen (who are supposed to be moving quick) have lower base movespeed than them? 2). Why do tanks (TANKS) do damage? Like really... why do tanks do damage? It's just stupid... The role of the tanks is to TANK THE DAMAGE, right? They are supposed to be the dumb frontline that engages and TANK THE DAMAGE, and the backline the ones that do the DAMAGE. The point that I want to achieve with those 2 questions: Why don't you put some movespeed loss on tank items? As i said repeatedly, they are TANKS and they should do what they're supposed to do (TANKING THE DAMAGE, not doing the damage or roaming around the map with tons of movespeed). II. Question about sounds 1). Why do I have to listen to the horrible sounds dumb champions make when they are basic attacking or doing skills? Have you ever thought about how annoying is to lane against warwick and hear his insanely dumb sounds when they are basic attacking or ulting? Besides being insanely dumb, it's gross too. You thought about enabling an option not to see the enemy's emotes, but about this... If I want to hear the voice of the champions, I prefer to hear mine, not the opponent's too. The point that I'm trying to achieve with this question: Why don't you put some option in the sound menu to mute the enemy champion sounds and quotes? III. Autofill I believe the goal of autofilling is to make the queues shorter, right? Well, you failed it miserably. Autofill is pointless in lower elos and normal games... Seriously. Let's talk about normal games first, because this is the place where queues are the fastest ones. Why would I want to cut down the queue time from 2 minutes to, let's say, 45-50 seconds so I can get an autofilled dude who clearly doesn't want to play support and pick a random champion to troll and the result: a lost game with 15-20 minutes of playing. So.. What's the point in cutting down the queue time if you will lose the game and lose 15x more time? Next are the ranked games. Again, u failed miserably. Why? Because you cut down the queue time from 5 minutes to 2:30 minutes in lower elos(Plat-) where no one wants to play the role they are filled into and in 80% cases the dude who gets filled is going to flame and troll. So you made the players lose some LP too. Well done. And don't say you discriminate the ranks if you only place autofill in higher elos because it should be equality because you will be wrong again. If you want that much to cut down the queue time, why don't you enable autofill only when the queue passes 7 minutes? I can assure you every single one of this game's players would prefer to wait 10 minutes to play an enjoyable match, instead of waiting 2 minutes for queuing to surrender at 15, maybe 20 because of unsportsmanlike toxic players that ruins the game's experience and enjoyment. IV. Blind picks Blind picks are supposed to be the games that you just want to play for fun and don't need to wait for queuing too much, right? Well, it's no fun if 3 people want to play toplane and they all go toplane and they all go 0/10 flaming.. Why don't you simply enable the role system in blind picks too, but no bans. You just queue up, with your roles, everyone pick their champs in their roles and play.. simple, right? No need to be arguing on why you should be playing support because you haven't typed fast enough to go jungle.
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