Why I have take a break from league

Just wanted to make a post, mainly so Riot could see, but for anyone to see if they wanna add to it, share their opinions, or shout at me for being a boosted animal, I dont mind. But I will quickly say I am not doing this for approval or anything like that. I simply want to share my thought process in why I am currently not playing league. As of writing this I have not play the game in a little over a week (I know thats not a long time but keep reading I'll explain my points), and the big issue for me is I love the game, i truely do. Im not one of the players who's quitting cause they dont enjoy the game or they feel theres better games out their (most people seem to be jumping on the overwatch band wagon). The reason for me quitting personally was more of a rage quit. I am a low platinum player, and last season I nearly made it to diamond but was unsuccessful. and I wanted to try it again this season, but due to mainly afk's in the games (playing support where ur adc doesn't show at all, in a platinum elo, and it going unpunished or amended really did trigger me) i was making mistakes of my own (not entirely blaming others, i was making mistakes. but where as normally id just tell myself to concentrate on my playing and mute negatives and what not, it was too late. I was really really salty and playing badly because of it. So i thought the only way to avoid this salt is to take a break. avoid the game and de-stress. this even meant quiting a colour casting job i had just to give me some more space from the game which is something i worked hard for. So you might be thinking whats the problem then? you've hard your break, just start again. and that is precisely the problem. I just dont want to. I dont feel any drive to even open up the client right now. atm ive been playing Atlas Reactor (highly recommend for anyone whos a fan of xcomm, or even chest), which im enjoying learning the game and trying to become slowly better at that. but it doesnt have the same intensity that league did. alot more suspense but not intense (based on the style of game it is). I do truely miss league of legends, but im just not ready to go back into it yet. not even for normals with friends. there just isnt any part of me that actually wants to open the game up atm. i dont wanna make this sound like a toxic community issue but i think a big part of this for me is the community, or atleast the ranking system. 2 games in a row lost because of afk adc and everyone in my team had to accept a loss. that really seems like a failed system to me. there are many other reasons for my break but this was the triggering factor for my 'rage quit' I wanna add and express the point of, i do still love league of legends as a game, and riot games as a company. the game is massively entertaining and the company knows what theyre doing 99% of the time. every patch note i agree with the changes, i think theyre working towards making a very balanced game. and i know (atleast i think i do) that this break im taking will only be a break. i do want to go back one day. its just not in my recent future for me. and this is the problem. I should be ready and motivated to get back in and im not. some people will want to call me a cry baby for this probably. but with alot of players leaving the game, including veteran content creators saying the game isnt fun anymore, i just want to share my reasons for leaving right now amongst everyone else. the game is fun! i just think maybe there should be more ways to amend players who are let down by one afk or one troll or one toxic guy (i couldnt care less about punishing that guy, riot does that pretty well, i just want the other players in the game to not have to suffer the consequences of a guy who was afk, but then maybe joined back for the last 2 mins so the game didnt count it as an afk, which is what happened to me) Like i said at the top. i want this to be seen mainly by riot. i dont care about a reply, tbh i probably wont be checking back to this. i just want u guys to know the reason why myself, and possible other players, are leaving. it isnt a fault in the game. I hope to be back within the game soon, even if it means missing the rest of this season and trying again next season. best of luck to you all
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