For everyone crying about DEVOURER..

- Did you know that both teams can have 1 champ at least with the item built on him/her? - Did you know that DEVOURER is Autoattack reliant damage dealer which mostly is build on "Melee" champions who require a gap closer to reach the target? - Did you know that DEVOURER existed before and no one cried about it and JUST WHEN RIOT TRIED TO GIVE JUNGLER SOMETHING NICE YOU MUTHERFKERS TRY TO EXPLOIT THE FUCK OUT OF IT? Why are mages allowed to have an overall buff shift in items' power yet junglers cant have a decent item improved to assist certain (junglers) do better at their roles? You people fear change, and why do you fear change? because you just want everything to be "normal" and "balanced" , yet when requested from you to bring an idea of how to fix things or enhance something about the game, ya'll get lost and confused for some reason.

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