Aatrox get balanced ,but adc no ???

Really now riot have you played adc to see how terrible bad feels , like i can't do anything and all time i have to carry my games otherwise i loss game , top/mid/jungle never heard about carry , feels really cool riot that you made the game feels so bad like now , i don't say that i had no moments where i been strong ,but it feels hard to survive as adc when no one protect you and no one care about you or just play autofill support and roam other lanes while you play 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 if you count and enemy jungler etc... If I am behind with farm , or just enemy keeps me babysit and can't push and farm proper it feels painfully for an adc to play the game , it is more like forced to just stay and farm all game and almost 0 help your team , is not good what have you done there... Please just repair the bot lane gameplay cause this feels terribly wrong and many people who are main adc ,will quit it and just leave it go , so you will delete an entire role play and history of the game ... if you don't coming with some fixes about adc defence...
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