Should surrender be changed or removed? (POLL)

Surrendering is one of the worst things in league its the same as "open lane" NO, just becuase you lost your lane doesnt mean your team doesnt wanna try and win this thing but fine, at least they are stuck in the game but do you know one of those games where ur 1v5 carrying, AND its actually winnable, suddenly surrender 4 yes to 1 no, boom all that effort you put in, Lost, becuase they cant wait and give you a chance to 1v5 carry im not talking about myself here like an egoist, i mean generally So rito pls, make surrender 5/0 only. If all 5 people agree they DONT want to be in this game, then surrender, go ahead if 1 person still has hope and wants to win, i say its unfair to rob him off the chance for a comeback opinions yall?
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