New Sejuani build Season 6

{{champion:113}} was very popular early season 5, and is nowhere to be seen today... I played here recently, and holy molly guacamolee it is gorgeous. In this patch we have the come back of assassins, and who says assassins, says close combat team fights, and high mobility. And guess what, Sejuani work against all of these!!! New to season 6 is the cap of 45% CDR, that is the goal to achieve for massive / permanent AoE damage and slows. So here is the build: {{item:1401}} --> Gives you life points and AoE damage, good in here kit and for clearing + slows champions. {{item:3158}} --> Gives 10% CDR on spells & summoners (more smites and more flash ultimates). {{item:3083}} --> Health regen very useful between ganks. {{item:3025}} --> Gives mana, CDR & armor + slows. Can be replaces by {{item:3165}} when facing a more tanky team and less high DPS champions. Gives the same basics stats, just ads damage but less slows. {{item:3065}} --> Gves CDR, Health & Magic resitance + increase your health regen from Warmogs. {{item:3742}} --> Gives armor, movement speed, a slow, Health. Summoners: {{summoner:4}} + {{summoner:11}} Masteries: Ferocity: 6 / Sorcery + Feast (early AP + health regen through early jungle). Cunning: 18 / Wanderer + Runic affinity + Meditation + Dangerous Game + Intelligence + Thunderlord's Decree (the aim is the 45% CDR + Thunderlord because OP). Resolve: 6 / Recovery + Tough Skin (help survive early jungle). Runes: I use AP Quintessences + Armor seals + MR glyphs + AP marks. Although the best would be Movement Speed Quintessences + Armor seals + MR glyphs + AP marks. What do you think of it, leave a constructive comment if you want.
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