Didn't we have enough tank meta's wasn't infinite times played of poppy at worlds enough ?

I was personally looking forward to a new season or something different, but its colosus in top, colosus in jungle, Colosus in support and you name it. anything colosus goes.. hoping for some variety other then colosus tanks roaming the land. Its cinderhulk Meta all over again. i mean at worlds i hoped for not just the good old poppy picked over and over in some boring toplane matchup and that was considered boring at the time.. these tanks do not even mildly try to win their lane making it a really boring affair. Lets talk about teamfights, first you play afk sleep mode in laning phase and then raid as a goonsquad during mid game diving with colosus, ive done it and its easy as hell to win like that... all you do is stack up and dive them. but what about toplane now its worse, even more picks are tanks as they are meta due to colosus and these tanks slapping each other without any form of action..thats what it is and will be all about.. its basically a bromance lane of farming on steriods... they either make the game a farm fest or they deny kills. what other options do we have...So we pick to counterpicks tanks and lane against them.. which is still boring as the laning phase is anything close to exciting. Riot you complained about {{champion:16}} being boring,, because she denied kills and easily could play passive.. well tell me how these tanks are any different during the laning phase.. they kill all the action and are boring to play against or even win against. *********************** okay that was the story for toplane.. now in botlane we have nautilus/alistar and you name it are support and any suprise that poppy is also a great support, especially with colosus ? In Jungle.. VI and reksai - Zac and everything colosus works on is back. Basically you could build a effective teamcomp of tanks and they can themselves buy all the support defense items and just tank forever. All those tanks combined are the most effective teamcomp.. as they do so much more in teamfights because of the insane amount of shields... meanwhile your carries are nearly unreachable.. ''Laning phase becomes nothing more then passive'' with moments of tension.. untill the tanks group up and goonsquad a tower. **Seriously who came up with that idea of turning a whole meta around 5k hp tanks with more shield support items ?** Most of leagues games are decided in the early/mid game.. guess what thats exactly when lethality is at its weakest.. those teamfights have ofcourse a advantage for tanks.. besides blackcleaver no other item provides a early anti-tank gun.. lastwisper/dominiq are hardly good first items.. so tanks can basically fight all the ''important teamfights'' without any threat.. if they don't happen to end the game by then.. they can still rely on many support items to extend their life. I wont be surprised that the team comps in lcs + worlds etc will be filled with these boring beasts, if nothing is done.. that would be near unwatchable. what's so exciting in seeing a Maokai Press W and just remain afk taking damage with colosus ? how about a Maokai + nautilus + reksai comp all with colosus ? dive and forget and remain tanky as hell ? Guess what we don't need {{champion:16}} because you can just drop a mini soraka aka {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} and those are items that tanks are buying now even in toplane.. Most of league's meta's were dominated by tanks.. so why make season 7 another tank meta ? havent we had enough tank meta's for it to finally not include a TANK dominated team comp ? winning as a tank is extremely easy but also really boring as there is no real risks, when you are basically near unkillable at some point and your team outsustains everything with ''tons'' of support shields + colosus + redemption. 6.24 nerf on colosus was nowhere near enough to make it balanced or change the course away from a tank meta. infact it just acted like a placebo to the problem.
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