Dear Riot fix Illaoi

Now please as you read this keep an open mind if you are an Illaoi main or someone who does not like these sorts of discussions I am not just going to say (Illaoi no counter play) or (Illaoi 100% broken), no i have done the research and understand her as a top lane main so let us dive in. the main issue people have against her is her lane pressure which she should have i won't deny that she is a lane bully that is her role to win lane then help her team. However she takes control of the whole lane with ease with her passive spawning tentacles this means she has the entire lane to punish you if you push out, now you might be thinking i've played illaoi and got beaten by Aatrox or Nasus or Renekton ect and was not able to take the whole lane well a few things could have happened A you got outplayed B jungler came top more or c just was not your game that day, now back to Illaoi taking control of the whole lane is as stated her tentacles can be all over the lane on the walls and as she is a strong wave pusher allowing her passive to spread out, this is possible due to her passive cooldown as shown lvl 1 20s lvl 3 19s lvl 5 18s lvl 7 17s lvl 9 16s lvl 11 15s lvl 13 14s lvl 15 13s lvl 17 12s these may not seem strong as a first glance but a good Illaoi can stay in lane a long time and by lvl 7 you would have a completed item allowing her to stay safe from a gank and also too punish your opponent if they get aggressive (again stating a good Illaoi) this is part of her control, her main part and the part that is what she uses the most is her E (Test of spirit) this allows her to take her opponents soul and beat it for 10 seconds now what many players don't know is that if you attack Illaoi while your soul is taken the amount of time it stays out for decreases however like many players you will panic and try too leave the area few reasons can be your low health or you can't fight her at the moment. Yes you can try and side step the E but from Iron to plat your not going too have much mechanical skill, but down too the E itself from the start the cooldowns are 16/15/14/13/12 from rank 1 to 5 and it costs 35/40/45/50/55 Mana now as the main used ability these seem reasonable though the mana cost might want to be up if the ability will be used a lot. But the E is not balanced ability now here is why the normal illaoi level up ability too lvl 5 goes Q-E-W-E-E-R now already it is at a 14% cooldown however when you add items things change, 1 {{item:3067}} at lvl 5 makes the cooldown to a 12.6 at lvl 7 or rank 4 it is now at 11.7 when {{item:3071}} is then completed the E cooldown at rank 4 is 10.4, at rank 5 it is then at 9.6 cooldown if you add a {{item:3812}} or {{item:3065}} the cooldown is then at 8.4 but if you add another item too give another 10% or buying items with 20% like {{item:3078}} {{item:3161}} you will be at a 7.2 cooldown E now this may seem like not much however how long does the spirit last for **10 seconds** so while Illoai is beating away at your stolen spirit when the spirit comes back her E is back up and if she kills it or you leave her E will be right behind you forcing you too leave lane. in a game where cooldown items are easily findable Illaoi can become strong with ease if a rioter does see this possible nerf too her E and passive would be effective on getting her under control high mana cost will punish spamming and a higher E cooldown can give players a chance too punish her.......But i know they can't here is why Illaoi in my eyes is like thresh by messing with their kit they become unplayable, Illaois E allows for her to harass safely but also causes you to tilt the most as if Illaoi is too strong you can not fight her of your spirit but if you try and leave you are hit with a slow allowing her too catch up, and yes if you had a pre jungler then getting a gank early and allowing you too get a lead early would be for the best but many people are not that lucky due to jungle being one of the most harassed role so most of the time your rolling the dice for a good jungler who will come top but many don't so winning against illaoi can prove hard so the only other way is a rework but that would be way down in the line until she is a older champ. well thanks for reading i didn't want to be too hard on Illaoi as she is meant to be a lane bully but with stats like these it has to come too light how she can harass with ease but if liked it up-vote it if you didn't well can't do much about that and if you want me to make a discussion on why jungler stay away from some lanes leave a comment but again thanks for reading. also if you think there is another way to fix her leave it in the comments and we can have a discussion {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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