Retired Prestige Skins.

So... I know Riot answered in a "Ask Riot" once that they don`t have any future plans for returning retired Prestige skins like {{champion:84}} and {{champion:145}} ones but i just wonder: Wouldn`t it be nice to have them back on a limited time during the Prestige Points shop? I mean, it`s kind of frustrating that the only 2 skins not available to get through the Prestige Points system are also the coolest ones (my opinion, you can feel free to disagree with me on this one) and it feels unfair for people not being able to obtain them as long as any Prestige skin that has been released since it's still obtainable at the moment. I really hope Riot will consider this. I`d gladly spend even the price of an Ultimate skin for the {{champion:145}} one.
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