How to rework Akali

The opinion that akali needs a good rework is not unpopular especially amongst once akali mains. I often ponder what I would do to make her feel good to play again while also making her interesting to play as and against. Here's my most recent idea. I would start by swapping Twilight Shroud with Shadow Dance making the former her new ult. Next all of her abilities would gain different effects if akali uses them from stealth. P - Passive Increased movement speed while out of combat. Q - Mark of the Assassin Similar to current ability. New passive gives her on-hit damage that scales with AP and points in Q. When used from stealth, detonating the mark deals additional damage. W - Shadow Dance Dash is reduced to 300 - 400 range. Can be used repeatedly but max stacks are increased when you level up her ult Twilight Shroud. With no points in R she only has one stack she recharges every 20 - 30 seconds, with 3 points in R she has a maximum of 4 stacks. She no longer recharges a stack with kills or assists. When used from stealth, maximum dash distance is increased to 800. E - Crescent Slash Cooldown increased to something reasonable. New passive gives her spellvamp with points in her E. When used from stealth, gains percentage of damage dealt by Crescent Slash as health. R - Twilight Shroud Cooldown between 30 and 50 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds. No cast animation. Can be cast while using other abilities. Has 1 second delay from cast. It is a self cast ability. After the 1 second delay you become immediately stealthed as soon as you enter the shroud. While stealthed all units within Twilight Shroud are slowed by 30% at level 1 and up to 50% at level 3. If you reveal yourself from stealth you re-gain it after 0.8 seconds. Basically, this allows you to make more meaningful choices with the use of akali's abilities during the game. Her main role is that of a front line bruiser who can either deal large single target damage, tank while healing up or just pin enemies in place. While she is extremely strong within her ult she relies heavily on it and oponents can outplay her by reacting to it before its effects take place. Having most of her power come from correctly timing her abilities makes her more challenging to play. Her hybrid nature is toned down while her inherently tanky nature is improved on. You can choose to max Q to be more of an assassin or E to be more of a bruiser depending on the game. That's one idea I had which wouid make akali feel a bit like the original, more interesting than she is currently and give her a reason to use all her abilities in conjunction. I'd like to know people's opinions on akali and what could bring her back to being a fun champion for everyone.
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