Most of you won't care probably but...

Finally after the journey of nearly 2 years. After countless tilted days, weeks or even months. After countless AFKers, flamers, feeders, and of course we can't forget... my own mistakes.. After all that, I reached gold.. u can laugh at me if you want, but this made me feel real happy :P tomorrow my school starts so now I can go to school with a good mood. Few small extra tips for lowelo climbers(this mindset helped me climb): 1) Never surrender.(unless it's really really bad, like no objectives and 10vs40 in kills or something like that). 2) Don't blame your teammates. They surely are mistaken, but so are you. You aren't perfect and never will be, however you can always improve. Care for your own plays and think what you could've done better. 3) (Not sure if true) I personlly prefer late game champs over early game champs as low elo players have problems with ending the game fast, therefore being useless later on with early game champions. 4) Don't care about winning or losing. Act as if it was a normal match, but only with the difference of trying harder and playing well. If you lose.. then you just lose. Life is too short to cry over a loss, after all. There cannot be wins without losses.
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