Thunderlords Decree

Isn't it about fucking time that Riot does something about this major pain in the ass mastery Thunderlords Decree? Everyone is playing with it and can literally spank the living shit out of anyone they go against, doesn't matter if they go as tank, adc, assassin, magician etc etc... Sure, if you're playing as a tank with low attack/ability damage it takes a bit longer to take your opponent down but that's not the point. They still do shitload of damage. And I can't fucking see how Riot can call that the adc's are balanced now... Since when should an ADC be able to take down a tank with 3 shots (4 shots maximum)?! Doesn't matter if I've had thornmail or 400 armor and shitload of HP, they are still able to burst you down like you got nothing equipped without a problem. It's so frustrating to have to wait for 2-3 others to join you for a single gank on an enemy adc.

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